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Aussie RL names pl0xx

ŴƬЯ-A Vakume Kleener

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Another thread for a name.

I finally got my Pro Aussie Rocket Launcher for my set but I need a funny name. I think I want something to do with cleaning and gold, but I'm open to all.





Edit: Also no dildo or bananna jokes please. Overrated

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Just a few ideas...

The Midas Touch "I love goooooooold" (A bit overused I know)

The Cleaner's Carbine "Received a slight buff, gun now fires rockets" (Or Keeners)

Reverse Vacuum "New and improved design jettisons materials from the front"

Magic Gold Tube of Death "RIP realism"

It's Raining Gold "Look up next time scrub" 

Free Gold "Delivered straight to your face, completely free of charge"

And last but not least

Endgame "It's all over, don't you get it? You won..."

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Midas TouchTm

Early Access Edition


Clean Mansion

Because Houses are for Plebs


A Cold Heart is Worth No Price

But A Golden Gun Is Pretty Nice...


Explosions of Red and Gold

A Regal Death of Glorious Pain


Silver and Gold

Decorating, on every dead man's corpse.

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