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A month or two ago i bought a 1 of 2 Bolted bicorne was wondering if someone wants to price it since the price is outdated now


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So a month or two ago i bought a  Chiroptera Venenata Bolted Bicorne and the price is updated I bought it from http://steamcommunity.com/id/MurderWorship/(murder) i bought it from him using a modest pile of scrap with power surge, a bliz tippler's tricorne and one bud pure (buds i think were around 9 keys i was wondering if anyone wanted to price it or how to go about it in general thanks for your time BP.TF fourm users!



Edit: i dont plan on selling it i just wanted to get the price updated




edit#2: here is the inventory history screen shot there are "unknown assets" though http://puu.sh/hHupZ/06034e619a.jpg

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