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  1. 1. Is Steamrep a good website.

    • Steamrep is So-So
    • Steamrep is Great.
    • Steamrep sucks. ( Insert How Bad It Is Here)

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I think a majority of the people who staff steamrep have good intentions. I also believe that there are people on the steamrep staff who are corrupt and incorrigible.



I believe that steamrep does a good service for the community, but that it exercises its power without the utmost care that a giant must have as he walks among mere men.



Steamrep makes mistakes, and there are people more fit to do the job that they do, and steamrep only holds power vestigially. It is an organ that the tf2 community could live without for sure, as all it truly does is ruin good traders careers, and merely inconveniences scammers.

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