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Is this real?


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I don't like status updates. 




This thread is similar to another one posted before. It involves a scammer adding another person, giving them keys, and then reporting the user.



á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: heya
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: any reason why you added me?
CaBluis: free keys
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: if its for the modest I apologize if I don't get back to asap
CaBluis: to friends
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: eh oh okie
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: really :D?
CaBluis: yes
CaBluis: its friends wesday free keys
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: eh okie
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: so I get free keys ._.?
You have accepted the trade request from CaBluis.
CaBluis: Ty For your Account login Cya
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: lmao
CaBluis is now Offline.
á´¾Uá´ºd4tá´¾u$$y #GSWarriors: you don't scare me
Is this real or is it fake? I doubt he could get my infomation through a trade, however, it does concern me since the chap had a nice Steam level and had some hours in tf2.
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