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unusual price suggestion question

Tf2Ĥãts-λ kodiak

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Ok so here's what I am trying to figure out.


>Unusual hat [A] sells for another unusual hat which at the time was valued at 50 buds.


>A Suggestion on hat has it valued at 40 buds (has not passed yet).


> If I make a suggestion on hat A do I use the value of the hat when it was traded or the new, open suggestion price? 

It makes sense to use the old price and not a suggestion which has passed but I am checking to be sure.


Thanks in advance for any insight.



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If you feel like suggesting now, the suggestion for hat B probably has recent sales that would easily replace a mini, so you could probably use the proposed price for hat B in your suggestion for hat A


Personally though, I'd wait for the suggestion for hat B to either go through or be closed before making the suggestion for hat A, just to be on the safe side.

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depends on the quality of suggestion B, if it looks like it's gonna pass you should use it, if it's some proofless suggestion or has a bunch of issues pointed out in the comments you shouldn't or make a mini using the sales provided

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