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My taste in music


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People have been telling me pokemon game themes suck since I admitted to their allure, so I figured I'd finally post about them. It seems to be the consensus that it is grating and hurts people's ears, or it sucks because it doesn't have lyrics.


Lyrical/vocal music seems sinful to me. My upbringing and personality combined in a strange way and I've come to actually feel sinful when I listen to it, even if I like it. I can only listen to instrumental music without feeling bad. That's one of the great pulls pokemon music has to me. It's something I can take solace in the comfort of, as it will never be beyond my reach.


Pokemon isn't the only series that I enjoy the music of, I just haven't gotten around to many others. I'll post a few for you guys, some of my favorites.


My top favorite: 


Second favorite: 


The rest, in no order:





The beginning on this one is great, the rest is meh




This is but a few I could think of off the top of my head.

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Hold the fonzie here, you aren't allowed to have a taste in music that differs from the general populace. You must strictly follow what society says you will enjoy and nothing else.

On a more serious note I quite like these themes myself and have some on my phone, along with all my other music which varies from video game OSTs, film OSTs, and "regular music".

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