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Biggest TF2 Related Pet Peeves

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Just put down something that really bugs you thats TF2-related

a couple of mine are when 

1) When people charge extra for signed things when the person isn't really that famous

2) People implementing their name into their weapon, like if I did "Zimby's noob killer"

It just makes me feel like they're so full of themselves




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-Spies who watch one Stabby stabby video and suddenly think they're good enough to execute complicated trick-stabs only to fail and get killed so easily. 

-Pyros who press M1 and refuse to let go of it!

-Medics who continue to overheal the heavy out of combat while you burn to death right before their eyes.

-Players with unusuals who just don't know how to play.

-Friendlies who get upset if you kill them. Wanna be friendly? Go ahead, but don't expect every person on the server to respect your opinion.

-A 32-mann team made up of 20 players that are either spy or sniper.

-When 3-4 engineers huddle up in a corner with their sentries and dispensers.. On BLU team!

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1. Medics who can't heal when you're standing right behind/right infront of them and mashing the call button.

2. Random crits, and that counts for when I get them as well.

3. Chat binds

4. People with Twitch.tv in their name who aren't that good.

5. A team of snipers/spies

6. Teams that can't push even when you're trying to coordinate everything.

7. [F2P] tag people.

8. [O.W.N] tag people.

9. People who get me kicked from games when I'm the tippy top of the scoreboard (It's happened several times.)

10. Similar to chat binds but crazy pub stompers who feel the need to rub it in everyone's face that they're the super pub stompers.

11. Snipers who aim worse than me.

12. When the FaN sends me flying halfway across the map for no particular reason.

13. Dying in one shot when I clearly had full health and the method of death would not have done enough in one go to kill me.

14. Medics who don't know how to Uber properly.

15. Medics who prefer to drop it than pop it.

16. Friendlies who stand on points that need to get capped and complain about getting butchered. I'm really not sorry for killing them.

17. People who just give up almost immediately.

19. People who beg for items in servers.

20. Forgetting the number 18 exists.

21. Missing the very easy airshot.

22. Bad connections.

18. W+M1 Pyros

23. People who go AFK for upwards of 5 minutes and as a result contribute nothing.

24. People who are at their keyboards and still manage to contribute nothing.

25. My lack of skill after 4000 hours.

26. Pyros who can't save teammates from burning to death.

27. Engineers who don't know how to nest.

28. Spies who can't sap.

29. Meatshots that do basically no damage.

30. Getting headshot through the tiniest of gaps. (I acknowledge the skill of the player but it's still annoying.)

31. Facestabs.

32. People who think they know everything about MvM setups but in reality don't.

33. People who can't handle a change from the MvM meta.

34. People who are good at Sniper.

35. Pyros on the other team that know how to airblast effectively.

36. Servers with donor perks like increased health, speed, firing rate and etc.

37. Trade servers.

38. People who spam you with trades ingame even after you tell them you don't trade.

39. Getting a domination because of a kill that can only be described as lucky.

40. Running out of pet peeves about TF2.

41. People who steal the Medics with their fancy special effect hats.

42. People who expect me to exclusively heal them because of their fancy special effect hat.

43. Having one of those days where nothing works out in your favor.

44. Miscalculated a rocket/sticky jump.

45. Failing in a round of MGE

46. Sentry guns in that one spot where you know they're going to be but they kill you every time.

47. Teams that can't push past the first point on Badwater.

48. Getting yelled at for setting up at third instead of second because third is way easier to defend and it's very hard to hold third if you work on second.

49. When my FPS drops to below 20.

50. Realizing you're very easily agitated by a videogame.

51. People who act like because I used to have a pony avatar I'm going to treat them differently than anyone else.

52. People who expect me to treat them differently for any reason. (Except for friends I guess.)

53. People who bitch at me for running away as a Medic when the other team is charging in with a Kritz.

54. Hearing the hitsound of your melee but dealing no damage to the opponent.

55. People who try to sing on the microphone.

56. People who micspam.

57. People who micspam and then evade server bans to continue micspamming.

58. People who taunt after every kill.

59. People who seem to think the Engineer on his own can carry a defense without much input from others.

60. People who can't spycheck.

61. Names with Japanese/Chinese text.

62. People who can't be bothered to take ten seconds out of their day to just find a random profile image.

63. Teammates walking infront of my rockets/Milk/projectile and stopping it from reaching the proper target.

64. People who get into arguments with the in-game chat.

65. Missing every single shot with the Direct Hit.

66. Wanting to have a nice fun game with a friend, but your performance anxiety makes it one of your worst.

67. Seeing people insult you in the game chat.

68. Sprays when I had them enabled.

69. People cap the intel on CTF maps.

70. Being super salty about a videogame.

71. Sticky traps in obvious spots that still get you.

72. Sticky spam.

73. The Short Circuit.

74. Losing track of your ammo count.

75. Your Medic running headfirst into the opposing team.

76. Obvious Spies who manage to get kills.

77. Dropping uber to a random crit.

78. Having your crosshair perfectly over the opponents head but doing Ambassador bodyshot damage.

79. The general type of people on all-crit servers.

80. People who won't listen when you're honestly just trying to teach them something about the class they're playing and really, really want to help them improve.

81. People who spam chat with trades in regular game server where people are trying to coordinate.

82. People who used to insult me for my full purple loadouts.

83. People who rename their stranges "Rocket Launcher", "Scattergun", and etc.

84. "Everyone go Engineer" type people in Mann Up who don't know how to make that strategy work. (Which it can, but requires a lot of coordination.)

85. People who spam me with TF2 invites after I've made it clear I don't want to play.

86. People who are genuinely confused when a person with no cosmetics is capable of playing well.

87. The conga became a big peeve of mine back when it was new, but has since died down as an annoyance.

88. Being unable to hit players that simply don't realize you're there.

89. Backstabs not registering properly.

90. Dangershield Snipers.

91. People who think they can shoot through glass.

92. Spies who uncloak right behind others with the Dead Ringer and still get a kill.

93. The Reserve Shooter.

94. Dying from the Panic Attack.

95. The Beggars Bazooka in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

96. The Loch and Load.

97. Medics who wouldn't heal me because I lacked hats even though I played well.

98. My anxiety over joining a competitive team.

99. Your opponent barely escaping with 1 HP.

100. Overcomitting to a kill which leads to you get baited into a sentry nest.




More to come. (Probably.)

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Medics who feel like healing the heavy at all times is the only thing that is correct to do. Seriously, I've died way too many times as soldier just because a medic wouldn't heal me when i was at 10ish HP.

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When people tell me to go first




gameplay wise when someone try hard chases u down to get revenge


or when someone taunts after getting revenge like srsly

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People bitching about a certain class/weapon. Although this complaint is implemented in almost every multi-player game, it is absurdly funny in Team Fortress.


If one feels that a certain class or weapon is too OP, you can cry about it by sending rage filled e-mails to Volvo.

Just head over here if you need to do that. 


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-Players with unusuals who just don't know how to play.


This may or may not be me. :unsure:

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I am apallingly bad at pvp so I guess my pet peeve would be still sucking butts after however many hours played.


I mostly play mvm and pet peeves include:


- engies who don't move the dispenser to where you're fighting

- medics who don't swap off the hoovy/solly to the demo when there's nothing left to kill but the crit is still going

- people who don't listen to advice - i don't mind new players at all if they listen and learn but zero tour pyros can gtfo

- when you're doin multiple sollies and the other buff solly blows his banner right after you did instead of staggering the buffs

- when heavies follow tanks

- when medics pocket heavies (annoying in all game modes i gather)

- people who expect me to have shield built up 24/7 when playing medic

- people who bitch about not being revivied when they've died on the barracks in rottenburg and thus cannot be revived

- people who afk in spawn to try and get the round to fail so they can quit without penalty

- engies who put the tp on the banana peel when i was saving rage between rounds

- engies who don't sentry block


I'm sure I will think of more


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82. People who used to insult me for my full purple loadouts.



Purple loadouts are the only good looking loadouts.

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- Anime avatars

- Ego-filled soldier/scout mains

- People who have Flandre in their name

- Hackusations spam in chat

- People who take the med kit when you're healing them.

- Trader kids with fancy hats but are complete shib at the game.

- Bad meme binds in chat

- Soldiers that wear the tyrants helm and use an original.

- Spy mains who only trickstab and are terrible at it

- Dude who stops at nothing to get revenge.

- People who use the team captain, anger, bill's.

- People who try to replicate item abuse. ie beggars/detonator

- People who have 10x more kills on their stickybomb launcher than their grenade launcher.

- TF2 ultra-conservative elitists.

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1. SE asia pubs in general

2. Thai squeakers

3. [TH] tag

2. [o.w.n] i find this more common on SE asia pubs

3. Oblivious people

4. Pyros who cannot press m2 once in their lifetime to extinguish the burning medic behind you

5. Pyros who cannot let go of m1

6. Medics who stick their mediguns right up the heavy's ass and not heal anyone else

7. Heavies who runs away from the fight when ubered

8. Trying to cap while ubered instead of actually clearing the point

9. Medics who run straight at the enemy team with their syringe gun sticking out.

10. Pub medics in general

11. Vaccinator medics who cannot change resistances. Great, give me bullet resistance when I am getting blown up

12. People shooting at uber

13. People shooting at bonked scouts

14. scouts walking in a straight line

15. scouts rushing to their deaths at a sentry

16. turtling, 7 engies with no heavy classes

17. full team of scouts

18. Full team of snipers

19. Full team of spies

20. Facestab spies

21. bodyshooting snipers

22. Taunt after kill snipers

23. Bodyshot then taunt snipers

24. Oblivious snipers

25. danger shield snipers who bodyshot then taunt after kill

26. Medics who drop instead of pop


28. People who accuse scouts for speed hacking with tge baby faces blaster

29. accusing snipers for hacking with the dangershield

30. Mann co caps so everyone knows you are premium

31. Sydney sleeper snipers that cannot aim

32. Spies that think they are fooling everyone

33. Obvious decloak is obvious

34. Yelling at medic for running away when the enemy is pushing with uber

35. Yelling at medic for not healing when medic is ded

36. Gunslinger engies on mann up

37. Jump height upgrade for mann up

38. 0 tour gibus snipers on mann up

39. 0 tourers in general, free tickets from christmas means fucktards joining mvm

40. Trashtalking

41. Trashtalking after random crit kill

42. using downgrades when stock is clearly better in every god damned way

43. Scouts calling snipers hackers when they walk in a straight line

44. medic kritz-ing tge wrong person

45. Pubstomp clans who cannot even pubstomp a training match

46. Calling me a hacker when I am dominating every single person from the other team

47. Feeding the pyro reflect kills.

48. standing still

49. People hording the guy with the unusual

50. Random trade requests

51. FaN scouts

52. Engineers who cannot repair your shit

53. Pyros who don't spycheck

54. People raging at me when I dominate them

55. People raging at me when I kill them

56. Begging for items

57. More random trade requests

58. Vote kicking for no god damned reason

59. People calling me a hacker for using the m2 button on pyro.

60. People walking infront of sentry

61. Calling good spies hackers

62. Trying to use server commands in a valve server

63. achivement gibus

64. Pyrovision

65. Gibus vision

66. Random crits

67. Random crits that end your perfectly fine killstreak

68. No profile picture

69. Obvious scammers/pishers

70. F2ps who try to trade

71. tf2 players who are 10 or below

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1. SE asia pubs in general

2. Thai squeakers

3. [TH] tag

2. [o.w.n] i find this more common on SE asia pubs

nice copy pasta




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More mvm peeves:


- mid-tour guys who think they're pros (10-50 tours or whatever) bitching when you don't play the meta

- really good demos on manhatten - F U GUY, LEAVE SOME KILLING FOR THE REST OF US

- people who insist on 2 cities meta on expert

- people who go soldier on mannslaughter

- tomislav heavies

- huntsman snipers (unless it's a party and yr just fuckin around)

- engies who are completely incapable of dealing with sentry busters

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- people who push the scout off the teleporter after dying and then whine when money is missed

- heavies who upgrade knockback rage early on and push everything off the demo's sticky trap

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-F2ps so bad at the game they actaully beat you

-[o.W.n] autisms

-5 engineers in that 1 little room on cactuscanyon where nobody ever goes and the cart can be freely pushed despite the 700 sentries

-Tryhards, as in there's 5 people around them from the other team but they focus just you

-LAGGING WM1s.. They teleport into you and there's nothing you can do to beat them

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