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Need help determining a sale!

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I'm planning to make my first Unusual suggestion, though I'm having problems with determining a sale.




I'm trying to clarify how much Kyoken gave to FROST for his BS Hound Dog, though looking at Kyoken's backpack history, it seems like he only gave him around 5 keys pure and some metal, so overall around 6 keys. He probably added something else, though I can't figure out what. Otherwise, it kinda seems like he got sharked or something.


So yeah, can someone help me clarify how much FROST sold his Hound Dog for?

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It looks to me like he paid 5 keys + 16.22. That's all I could find missing in the past few days, yet FROST was selling his Hound for 14 pure as a quicksale price and I don't think he would be one to get sharked. I'd approach FROST about it, as he probably discounted it for him because Kyoken is friends with FROST.

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