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Method to analyze backpack value drop


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This is my first post on these forums. I'm a collector of strange and collector weapons and have owned a TF2 server for over 5 years now.


Here is my backpack: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198000960203


I noticed my backpack dropped $500 in value from april 15 till today. I can't really figure out how to analyze which items dropped so hard to cause this. Any help on how to analyze this or a flat ouf answer would be very much appreciated.

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The "value" you get from bp.tf is taken from converting all your items to "ref" and multiplying that with the current value of refined.


The main factor which dictates the value of your bp is keys, if keys drop in terms of refined it means the value of your backpack "drops". In the last week the value of keys in terms of ref have dropped from 20refs to 16refs. Other items in your bp might have dropped but the value of keys is the biggest impact.


Note: the cause of this is the way bp.tf calculates the value of your backpack (deriving a dollar value from ref) because in reality keys havent dropped at all and are still ~1.8usd via paypal and 2.5usd via store.


Someone please correct me if i have made a mistake :DDDD

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