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The Ultimate Comprehensive Unusual Trading Guide

A Ninja

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This is straight from my Unusual Trading Blog if you want to check it out it's - http://tf2unusualtrade.blogspot.com/
Huge thanks to Mindacos , Slocumruls, Dirtydave , TheVenomWithin , and BlazeThermal for helping me throughout my unusual trading journey. Would of never made it so far without you guys. 
Pricing Unusuals
One of the big things new unusual traders new help with is pricing unusuals. Why not just use backpack.tf you say? While backpack.tf is mostly correct on lower tier unusuals 1-2 buds I would say. It is sometimes quite off on them. There are many reasons for that such as outdated pricing.
How I Price Unusuals: 

1. First I take a look if the price is outdated or not. You can tell by an exclamation mark in a red triangle next to the price.
If it is fairly recent, I will look at the suggestion of the price that was accepted and look at those outpost trades. 

Three Most Things I take Account in When Looking at Outpost Thread.

1. How long has this been sale for and the offers it's been getting?
If it has sold you want to see how long did it take to sell and at what price it sold for. If the item is priced at 4 buds and its only been getting 2-2.5 bud offers  for around 1-2 month now. Then that's a  caution sign  its not worth that much or the price is outdated. 

If it is getting no offers in a few months then that's a big sign that unusual is very hard to sell. And you might want to stray away from it.

Its fine if the item has been up for one or two months and is getting offers close to what you think it is worth. If the unusual is outdated just use the offers to guide what you price it as, but make sure not to count low balls. Look at the sellers B/O but do not take it as the price rather as a guideline. Some owners tend to have crazy B/Os which you can tell quickly but if you think there B/O is reasonable and is getting offers close to it , B/O might be close to where its worth. 

Look at the C/O (Current Offers) too. Although sometimes people fake C/O, use your best judgement on them. If the unusual is 7 buds and there getting 6.5/6 offers then you could value the unusual around 7 but if it is only worth 7 and getting 16 in unusual offers its probably fake.

2. The price of similar effects.

If the unusual price is rather outdated or unpriced look at a similar effect and see what offers its getting.

Example: Making These Up

Scorching Ellis Cap is unpriced.

Burning Ellis Cap is  getting offers around the 5 bud mark.

I would price the Scorching Ellis Cap at around 4.5 since Scorching is right below Burning in terms of pricing. 

NOTE: At higher tier hats like  the difference between Burning and Scorching like a Team Captain the price between burning and scorching can be a few hundred buds or just one bud like the private eye. You have to be weary of that and around the 6 + bud mark the differentiation could be commonly a + 1 bud difference compared to something like a lower tier hat like the Blokes Bucket Hat where Scorching and Burning are practically the same.

Lets take an example:

A Cloudy Moon Frontline Runner is priced at six buds and has been getting offers around that.

An Unpriced Harvest Moon Frontline Runner is probably around 5 buds due to Cloudy Moon being a higher tier effect.

If there is no similar effects just look at genreal effect tiers. An example is Sunbeams Frontline Runner lets say goes for four buds. Scorching is generally higher than Sunbeams so I would price it at 5. If you are unsure its best to ask around on other peoples opinion.

Just look at tiers if a Green Energy hat is lower priced than a Purple Fetti same hat. Then one of them is obviously outdated because Green Energy is a much higher tier effect than Purple Fetti.
Another example is looking at effect generations. Usually Morning Glory is higher than Frostbite so if that is true. The morning glory hat is probably higher than the Frostbite one.

3. The Hat and Effect

1st off, the class dosen't always effect how fast the unusual can be sold but genreally it is
All Class is the easiest > Then Soldier > Comp Classes ( Scout, Medic , Demo) >  Pyro and Sniper > Arguably Spy because it is usually cloaked for a long time   > Heavy and Engineer.

I would say the hat matters more if you are trying to sell an unusual. A team captain nuts and bolts is way easier than a cancerous robot hat with burning flames. The reason is that nobody wants that crappy hat even if it has a good effect. People rather have a  multiclass higher tier hat with a lower tier effect.[]

Robo Hats: An example of Robo Hats is a Cyborg Stunt Helm which is a copy of Sober Stuntman but as a robo hat. I don't know why but people hate Robo hats. I had a Time Warp robohat once which was probably worth around 4 but just because it was Robo I barley got offers over 2 buds in one month of constant outpost bumping and server trading. People treat Robos as knock off as other hats and tend to stray far away from them. For that reason Robo hats are a lot cheaper and a lot lot harder to sell MOST of the time. Not always, a Anti Freeze - Modest Pile of Scrap would be a lot more easier due to its higher tier effect and it is an all class hat that doesn't look that horrid compared to a Scorching Plumbers Pipe. A knock off an already low tier hat.

Note: The sellibility of Robos is not always hard but in genreal it a lot harder than regular hats it really just depends on the hat.

Though Heavy almost always much harder to sell. Engineer depending on the hat can be very hard to sell too.


Third Gens and Robo Effects

People generally dislike third gens because they feel like they pollute the market with new unusual effects and don't look good. A lot of the time people will ask to overpay a lot more just because yourhat is third gen but if it is a decent 3rd gen effect like Miami Nights with a little patience and the tier of the hat you probably could sell quickly at close to full price in offers.

1st Gen: Obviously a lot easier to sell, more people will take offers or accept your unusual if yours is 1st gen.

Halloween: I would say they fetch a good amount depending on the effect but sometimes may take a little while to find the perfect buyer.

2nd Gen: Weather Effects. Not the greatest effects but I would say their easier to sell then Third Gens.

EOTL Effects : Pretty High Tier and Nice effects won't be that hard to sell.

Note: Low tier effects don't always equal low price. A smoking Noh Mercy just got recently sold for around 25 buds pure. Why is that you may ask. It's because it's a misc which allows it to be worn with another unusual hat and frankly the Nohs aren't getting unboxed anymore. Making the hat rare and desirable even if it is a low tier effect.

Tip: 3rd Generation don't always amount to a greater price then 2nd Generation. A Miami nights would fetch more than a nuts and bolts. It really just depends on how high tier the effect is. Though a 1st gen and 3rd gen of equal price would usually result in the 1st gen being easier to sell.

An example is Time Warp > Circling Peace Sign even if Time Warp is a robo effect it is a high tiered effect and Circling is more on the low side of the scale. If it is a high tiered effect or desirable effect like time warp it can sell quickly too.

A lot of collectors also collect things like circling hearts as they are 1st gen and fairly easy to buy and sell. They also look good and is a nice clean effect. So keep that in mind too.

Tiers of Hats

Their are many tiers of hats from God Tiered to Cancer Tiers.

An example of God Tier is a Killer Exclusive and a Cancer Tier something like a Mongolian. The higher tier the hat is the more easier to sell and desirable it is.[]

An Easier Way to Check is to see how high the general price of the hat is compared to the other same class hats won't always work due to some hats having more high tiered effects priced. 

TOP - Most Valuable
Will Fix

High Mid  Tier

Will Fix

Mid High Tier
Will Fix

Mid Tier
Will Fix

Mid Low Tier

Will Fix

BOTTOM - Least Valuable

Effects that are Generally Very Hard to Sell Are: I would avoid unless you are getting a great deal on them.

Aces High
Dead President
Orbiting Planets
Nuts and Bolts

Their are many tiers of hats from God Tiered to Cancer Tiers. To check hat tier list (generally) use http://backpack.tf/unusualsand look at the rank of the hat in pricing compared to other hats in the same class. For example if your hat is the 5th most expensive hat out of 10 hats from spy. It's probably mid tier ish.


An Easier Way to Check is to see how high the general price of the hat is compared to the other same class hats won't always work due to some hats having more high tiered effects priced. 

http://backpack.tf/effectsGenreal Price Point of Hat Effect Tiers

Gifted and Duped Unusuals
             Some unusual traders freak out whenever they hear these words.  Don’t be frightened because they don’t automatically make your unusual worthless.
Duped usually doesn't affect unusuals under 3 buds in pricing but that doesn't mean it doesn't affect unusuals. A lot of beginner/newbie traders won’t even touch duped unusuals or will want a significant less price if yours is duped.  
Duped is just a tag that freaks out many new traders so for that reason take account if you're buying a duped item it may take longer to sell than others. I’ve missed quite a few great deals just because my item was duped but do not lead that to you not buying duped unusuals.
Some people will not even care if yours is duped because they don’t care about that miniscule wording. And if people want your unusual badly enough they will buy it at full price. I sold my Stormy TC for 8.buds pure when it was only around 5.5 buds  and was offered almost 9 in unusuals. People didn’t care whether it was duped or not if your hat has mass appeal people will buy it regardless.
Though items like a veil where most of them are duped make drop a 5 bud veil to possibly 4-4.5 or none at all. It really just depends on the buyer.
To Sum it Up: If your buying a duped item at a great price buy it then or just try to ask for a few keys lower and say it’s “duped.†Though duped doesn't lower unusuals under 2 buds most of the time. It will drive away new traders as they will be scared to touch them.
If you're going up the 6 bud mark, duped could affect your unusual by 1 bud or 10% off the price. As your unusual starts to be worth more duped may have more of an impact on it. If you have desirable hat at around 6 buds though I woudn’t see duped affecting it more than 5 keys.
It really depends on that hat as a stormy storm TC duped may not be as bad as a Scorching Plumbers Pipe duped. As TC is way more desirable.
Checking whether Duped or Not
If your on a server you usually can do !bp if it allows and go into that  person bp.tf inventory and hover over the the item and click history.  If there is a red rectangle with the text this item is duplicated then its duped.

If your not on a server or the server doesn't have !bp try friending them  or go into their bp.tf profile or just buy clicking the history of their item that they listed on classified. Just go into their inventory and click the history and if their is a red rectangle with the words The item is duplicated then it is duped.[]
             Gifted unusuals. That tiny tag on your unusual can cut your unusual 30% -50 % off usually. People just don’t like that tag and will stray far away if its on your unusual.[]
I would say if you're buying a gifted unusual to resell take around 60% off depending on high desirable the hat is. If it is really desirable hat like a 1/1 Burning TC people will obviously be able to overlook it and buy your hat for maybe even full.
Some people just don’t care about gifted, they will offer the same amount as a regular one. Though, reselling gifted items will usually take a lot longer because a lot of traders trade for profit not to keep. Unless you plan to keep the item I wouldn't buy gifted at anywhere close to full price

                                                          End Line
Try not to buy gifted unusuals unless your getting a great great deal on them but if you are minus at least around 60% to ensure you're getting profit for your troubles. As it will be usually be  harder to sell and sold for cheaper in the long run.
How To Sell Your Unusuals?
One of the biggest question traders get asked all time. I got my first unusual, how do I sell it? In this page, I’ll talk about some highly effective methods to sell your unusuals.

  • TF2 Outpost

  • Best places for people with limited time, just need to bump trades takes less than 10 seconds too.

  • Depending on your  unusual you can have a high response rate

  • Usually get a decent amount of offers if you are patient

  • Great resource for checking how much an item is worth

End Line
Outpost in my opinion is the best place to sell and buy your unusuals. If your unusual is decent meaning good effect and high tiered you should have no problem selling it. I’ve been able to make tons of profits in just a few days due to outpost itself. I haven’t used trade servers much now, and have found it more time effective/useful just using outpost. Been able to sell many unusuals in a mere week just through offers and buyers on outpost.[]
Pro Tips:

  • You can click the unusual in the trade and copy the “Orignal Id†and type backpack.tf/item/(Paste Item ID). That’s quick and easy tip to check if the item is duped or not.

  • If you just bought an unusual look through other people selling that same unusual or previous trade offers to see if their is any good offers taking. I seen someone decline an offer of 190 keys on easy to sell unusuals on an unusual worth only around 100 keys. You can get many quick and easy deals just by looking at peoples offer and adding them to see if there still interested in that hat.

  • If you don’t have any time to bump trades it’s a great investment to buy Outpost Premium for 4.95 a month. You get tons of more advertising of your unusual due to it being automatically bumped every half an hour. Although, if you're able to bump trades constantly I’d recommend just staying regular. I’ve talked to many people and they have told me whenever there buying quicksells or offering on trades via clicking recent trades open on outpost. They will always click the non premium user because they almost always know the owner is online because of the online outline and that the trade is manually bumped. Versus a premium person where they can’t tell. This is because they usually need pure/their item gone fast and will just contact the person who’s almost guaranteed online.
  • Allow people to add you not just trade offers only. I find that people will usually want to add you and not send you a trade offers resulting in a loss deal. I mean seriously who wants to spend 10 minutes counting and sending a trade offer of 100 keys and having it declined. It’s way easier to add you and plus you got a better chance to get a better deal by negotiating.
  • When making trades for your unusuals. On the other side its best to maximizes the items you will trade it for. Example instead of just keys , put cs go keys , buds , maxs , houwars , unusual offers , unusual class tokens) Don’t just put straight up keys people usually find unusual deals via recent bumped trades if yours is straight up pure they will think you're not taking offers.
  • For Cancer unusuals like really bad robot hats with horrible effects. A good way to get rid of them is offer them on lower valued by easier to sell hats. My Time Warp Virus Doctor I struggled to sell for anything over 22 keys , kept offering it on trades eventually sold it for a Blizzard Company Man (22-24) + 8 keys. Even though bp.tf said it was higher, it was hella hard to sell and definetely worth it to sell at that price. Robo hat vs All Class hat. I bought the Virus for cheap to so I still profited and time is money, not worth it to sacrifice a few keys for a month of waiting and offering. Can easily make back that loss of profit by buying and reselling quicksells.

  • Trade Servers

 - Great if you have time
- Maximize Deal Potential
- Can be very time consuming, and have no yield.
-Great place to get rid of your cancer unusuals that get no offers
This is one of the most simple methods. If you're selling unusuals on a server I suggest you go on a Unusual Trade Server such as Fire Powered not just an ordinary trade server.

  • Offer on peoples item if you're looking to get rid of your hat. If your hat is hard to sell a lot of people won’t trade you, so trade them instead.

  • Be patient I’ve had some weekends with the whole day spent on a trade server and get no offers.

  • Say your items price and what type of item it is. People in unusual servers usually don’t buy your unusual to keep rather to profit or trade.

 Ex. Selling Tossle. I’m thinking what tossle burning or nuts and bolts. If I have an unusual worth 20 keys and yours is a nuts and bolts worth 15 and I want it. I won’t trade you because I don’t know what in the world your tossle is.


How to get pass no buying quicksells rule.

-â€Taking good offers on “X amount of keys."

-â€Buying good deal unusuals with pure.â€
- “Buying Discounted Unusualsâ€
I don’t recommend doing this buy if you really need too. I’d just stick to buying quicksells on outpost.) You get way more offers and its so much easier and less time consuming.[]
Profiting With Quicksells
What are quicksells?
Quicksells are when people are trying to quickly sell their unusuals for pure because of many reasons such as they are cashing out, don’t play the game anymore , or just want to get rid of their unusual. Usually 30-50% off the standard price.
How to Find Quicksells
There's many ways of buying quick sells at a cheap price. I list a few out.
Creating Outpost Trades:
What you can do is make an outpost trade with you offering keys for unusual hats and offers. In the notes write your buying quicksells and tell them to add you or comment below. This usually gets you quite a few offers a day but you could create multiple trades which gets you up to twenty offers in a good day.[]
Note: that if you do that it is possible you will get banned on outpost for a day because you have multiple trades with the same purpose. To avoid that you must list a specific price of each/ or one  effect of the hat that you will purchase at a set price. A good example is Frost quick buying trade.[]
Link:[] []http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24845056[]
See how he list the prices of each item. You can do that yourself or just use his list if you want to so you can make multiple trades. If you're like me and you're lazy just create one trade or if you want to create multiple ones, there is a chance someone will report you and you will get banned for a day on outpost which isn’t the end of the world though.

Looking Through Classified or By Using Trade.Tf:
A lot of the time there is people quick selling through backpack.tf classified. It wouldn't be a bad idea to browse through it and find some good deals but a better way to do it is go on Trade.tf  and buy Pro Membership for 15 minutes or so and just browse through the Good Deal Section on classified.
That will save you a lot of effort and it only cost a scrap for 15 minutes. You also good use the free user classified and just search for unusuals although it will show negative profit unusuals too.
Going On Servers:[]
Another great way to get quicksells is go on a server and saying Buying Quicksells if it doesn't allow that then people usually say Buying discounted unusuals or taking good offers on X amount of keys. Those are some neat little tricks to go pass those rules
For me, I usually just make a quickbuy trade on outpost as I don’t have to do anything and I usually get quite a few offers on a day without me having to do anything except bump the trade every half an hour.
Tips for Buying Quicksells:
Make sure you always check whether its a good price or not, the bp.tf price for some quicksells is very outdated so do your ressearch, look at offers , and past sales.[]
Look at what other people are selling it for and how much there getting offered. If your buying 100 keys hat for 60 keys but everyone is selling 65-80 it’s not that great of discount because of all the competition.
Don’t be pressured to buy only a few keys off. A good quicksell I would say is like 13 keys off a 26 key hat. I’ve gotten a lot offers like that so just be patient and don’t feel pressure to take a measly 1-5 keys off.
Remember no matter how cancerous the hat is anything under 7 keys is an instabuy.
One important thing is not to trade with scammers alts or hijacked alts because you will get marked on Steamrep or banned on outpost.A quick and easy way to check it is by looking at the number of hours they have. If they got only like 50 hours it’s probably an alt. Especially if it has a lot of profile rep because 50 hour people don’t do a lot of trading. Check if they unboxed their unusual that’s the only time you would trade with someone with low hours. If they did it’s probally okay to trade with them. Check their steamrep too make sure they aren't marked or anything.
1st Warning: 2 week ban on outpost ( You can get permant banned if your case was severe enough example buying 25,000$ of unusuals of a known scammer.)
2nd Warning: Permanent Ban on Outpost and Marked on Steamrep
Just be cautious and you will be fine.
Things to check before buying quicksells if its duped or gifted. And before buying quicksells try to lower their price because their usually is always room to drop for them. Unless your getting a very very good deal just do it as fast as you can so they can’t change their mind. Lost a few good deals because I kept asking for sweets and going less by the time we almost did the trade he got a better offer. Ask them to drop accordingly too.
Steam Community Market Guide
When to use the Steam Community Market:
- If you’re going on vacation or don’t plan on going on a trade server to sell your items.
-If something like an Aussie Grenade Launcher is dropping and has a suggestion pending to lower the price with a lot of proof and listing it as the lowest price on the Community Market is better than selling it do it. You can check if the item will sell usually by looking at the average number of items sold a day.[]
-  If your unusual ex. Bubbling Mongolain is the cheapest on the market. For low tier hats like that there are usually at least a couple sales a day. Listing yours for the cheapest will usually result in a sale in a few days. This is good because you get Steam Funds which is basically pure keys without having the hassle of selling it on a trade server.
Side Note:[]
If you have a hard time selling an unusual such as a bubbling Mongolian or something like a Aussie Scattergun is dropping. List it on the community market at cheapest price if you still break even or take a little loss or profit. I have sold countless things on the market and it has saved me time and made me profit too despite the tax.[]
Community Market Pros:
-You still can continue to have a trade open on your item on outpost just specify it’s on the Community Market and you will take it down for them if their buying it[]
-Don’t have to put any work into it except listing your item
-Can buy games with funds and keys or even snatch up good deals on market.
-You have to wait a week for whatever you buy to be tradable[]
-Not a gurantee sell even if you list it at lowest price but is usually highly likely for Aussies / Low tier unusuals. Depending on how many generally sell a day.[]
If you listed the item on bp.tf classified it will be automatically removed.
-For buying high tier unusuals, there is a script to check the history of an item on the market. Be catious if buying high tier items from it because they can be from scammers and if you bought multiple scamer items from the market you will get marked or caution on steam rep.
Note: If you got marked on Steam Rep or banned on Outpost for it then show them you bought it off the market and it will usually be reduced down to a Caution Tag or get you unbanned.  This is at admin discretion show you could be still marked or banned  but usually very uncommon unless you knew that the item you bought was from someone marked. For example asking people via bp.tf status update if you should buy it for X amount of price. And people telling you it looks sketchy and may be a scammers alt and you still buy it.
I sold something on the market. What do I do?
-Once you sell your item if you want to convert to pure the best way to do it is buying CS Go Case keys. I’d recommend put a buy order for 2.50 regardless if the price is 2.70 because at 2.50 it’s practically a guarantee buy in a day or so.
-Once you get the keys, you will have to wait a week tell their tradable. Once they are I recommend putting up a trade on outpost and sell them for one key + 2 ref  - 3 ref each.
-The only time not to do this is when Man Co Keys are less than 2.30 and Case keys are above 2.50. A refined is around 10 cents so if Tf 2 keys are 2.20 then 2.50 is practically a key  + 2 refined.
If your in desperate need of pure then a lot of people will buy Case keys for a a key + refined at least.
Note: If you have CS GO you can just buy it from the store then if case keys  are above 2.50 though sometimes I’ll get a really cheap key at like 1.61 even if I listed I was buying at 2.50. Generally my keys get bought at less than 2.50 even if I listed I was buying at that price.[]

-  Website where you can find good unusual deals on market, imo not really worth it to camp website whole day for one as it dosen’t show a lot of the deals that actually go on market maybe better just to search market manually via backpack.tf market.
-  Deals get sniped fast so you got to be weary on that
-   Another good way to make profit is search for stranges with a lot of parts at regular price
-Make sure you are not buying from a marked scammer you can check by downloading a mod from bp.tf forums allows you to see history of item on community marke
- To find Unusuals/Aussie deals just go to steam market deals and filter only unusuals/aussies

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Unusual Trading Tips



-       Be Polite  I know this is hard to do especially when someone lowballs your offer but instant unadding them will make you loose opportunities. I’ve been so close to blocking someone when they lowballed me but I decided to talk to them some more and we reached a fair deal later. If I had blocked him that never would of happened.


-       Respond to offers in a timely matter. Don’t wait one week to start discussing an offer. Add them or comment as soon as possible.  You will miss a lot of deals if you wait off on taking offers because those good deals will be gone quick.


-       If you’re unsure ask your friends or experienced traders. New to unusual trading go on the bp.tf forums and ask for an unusual trade mentor. Many people will be glad to help you price check and guide you throughought your first deals. Don’t be shy people will gladly help you. J


-       Always check recent sales of the items and the offers it’s getting. Don’t be so quick to take an offer. Ask your friends on opinions, take account if it’s a robo hat or not , and take account on how long it takes to sell.


-       Time = Money if you have a crappy or hard to sell unusual don’t reject offers a few key less than what your expecting to get. Your much better of taking that offer then waiting for other offers that may never come or take months just for a few more keys. Remember in that time you wait for another deal , you could of sold the less valuable unusual for pure/offers and keep trading  more and more  and make a whole deal of profit. While holding on that one unusuals ties you up to do anything.


-       Make friends they will help you a lot later one. I have made a complete page on this. One of the most important tips here.


-       Check if it’s duped or not. While it doesn’t affect that much on value it may affect how quick it sells. But for high tier definetley check if its duped or not because that’s when it starts affecting values. Refer to Gifted and Duped Section. If it’s duped I always try to snatch the item for around 10% or a few keys less if it’s a quicksell. Though it’s definitely not an excuse to turn down a good quicksell.


-       Read the forums once in a while is a great way to see what’s happening to the economy and why. I highly recommend the bp.tf economy section, there will always be threads on why keys and buds are rising and dropping and a lot of experienced traders sharing their opinions. For example why buds rose to 10 keys was because SCM crashed and people started to sell buds for high and since it was the only ones up they were being bought. Thus showing it in the history buds were being bought at a high price. People started to panic buy and it rose from 5 keys to 10 keys but then people started to realize that no one is buying their buds. Which made buds drop back to around the 5 key mark. That type of knowledge is vital to know what is going on in the economy. If you thought buds were rising and bought a bunch of them or had a large supply of buds. If you had read that you would know to sell all your buds at that moment. Preventing any further losses or even profiting.


-       Ask friends if unsure on the unusual pricing but use your gut instinct too. If one of them saids it’s not a great deal but in your mind you know for 100% you can profit then take it or check with a few other friends. There has been times where my friends have been wrong but I bought it regardless and have made profit in instants of listing it on outpost.


-       If getting Aussies , Strange Festives , or promos. Value them at what price you can quickly sell it for not what bp.tf pricing is. A good way to find this is look at cheapest classified listing and minus that by 1 key. An example is Aussie Scattergun might be 30 keys but one or two people is selling for 29. I would value you it at an easy sell at 27-28. Look at quick buyers for it too and take account their price.


-       Check if the price of an item is dropping. For example a Max is 33 keys and dropping and already has a pending suggestion with good proof of sellers selling it for 31-32.  Sell it quick for something around 30 keys pure. The reason for that is once the suggestion passes people will start to panic and sell for cheaper. Undercutting eachother so when the suggestion pass and Maxes are 31 keys. People will probably start to sell for 29-30 to beat competition.  Level 1/7 Maxes are less valuable fyi.

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Mid High Tier






Circling Heart

Disco Beat Down

Molten Mallard


Power Surge


Stare from Beyond


Mid Tier


Molten Mallard


Cauldron Bubbles

Disco Beat Down

Searing Plasma

Vivid Plasma

Flaming Lantern

Eerie Orbiting Fire



Circling Peace Sign

Circling TF2 Logo



you might want to fix that.


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Not too bad.


I'm not sure if I agree with a universal "unusual tier guide" but the rest is pretty much spot on.


I've noticed quite a few grammatical errors, but that's to be expected.

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Gonzila is cancer tier but Hermes is mid? Fuck that shit.


Yea i'll remove it I used it from other website anyone can help me with tier list though.

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Yea i'll remove it I used it from other website anyone can help me with tier list though.


Just use the Unusual price list on backpack.tf, tiers are pretty obvious. The ones with the lowest averages are obviously the shits and the ones with the best are, well, you get the point. Work your way up from there.

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you might want to fix that.


Yea i'll remove it I used it from other website anyone can help me with tier list thoug


Fixed it thanks 


Just use the Unusual price list on backpack.tf, tiers are pretty obvious. The ones with the lowest averages are obviously the shits and the ones with the best are, well, you get the point. Work your way up from there.

Alright thanks will fix it soon.

Can you use spoilers? there is way to much on the screen at one



Sorry, how do you use spoilers xD.

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Lots of tips here from me xD. Looks like you put a ton of effort into this.  Great guide, didn't read it fully,  but it looks great so far. Keep up the good work mate!


Personally I do this: http://gyazo.com/476e2e8aa768c6e7d8aa2611ddf6d526low tiers


http://gyazo.com/2d80aca9b020746eb2f6914d63e3807fMedium tiers


http://gyazo.com/7201f0ae93453d40363a1d1e24fdc3d5high and god tiers



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Wow, thats quite a guide. Better then anything I could write, and from what I've read it's pretty accurate. 

Dunno if it was said but basically lowball every thing you try and buy. 

Buy dupes for less then what they should be worth, and then re sell saying "Duped doesn't matter!" 

I think you were a little to kind to gifted hats. I'd highly advise not messing with them because people will most likely ignore it unless it's an amazing deal. So if you plan on buying a gifted hat at like 30 (Usually worth 60) You'll be lucky to get 35. 

^Not jokes btw. 

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It looks like a lot of time went into this, which is commendable, but I personally don't think that we can categorize unusuals in such a comprehensive way without having so many exceptions that they cannot be considered negligible. 


Though I do believe that someone who read and memorized everything on this guide would walk away a person more ready to trade unusuals, if they were a beginner. So as a trading guide, this is top tier.

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Wow, thats quite a guide. Better then anything I could write, and from what I've read it's pretty accurate. 

Dunno if it was said but basically lowball every thing you try and buy. 

Buy dupes for less then what they should be worth, and then re sell saying "Duped doesn't matter!" 

I think you were a little to kind to gifted hats. I'd highly advise not messing with them because people will most likely ignore it unless it's an amazing deal. So if you plan on buying a gifted hat at like 30 (Usually worth 60) You'll be lucky to get 35. 

^Not jokes btw. 


Thanks but I've talk to a few people as it would be very hard to sell, you probally could chunk it off at 30% or 40 maximum if reselling. It might take a while at 30-40% it really depends on how long you want to wait. It  Though it is true you can get burn easily if you buy the wrong hat with gifted. Cancer hat + gifted hat would be harder to resell compared to something such as a TC but gifted.

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I read the full guide which is much detailed, easy-to-understand. Even if I knew most of the things, I found it interesting to go through with useful tips.


A big thank you ! ;)

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 [  s  ]  hi  [   /s ]  (without spaces)

No, it's [ spoiler ] whatever [/ spoiler]

s is strikethrough


this is a spoiler


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