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Queston about "themed" unusuals.

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Why do people need to charge more than the actual price for a themed hat?

Lets say someone is selling blizzardy festive tree, lets say for 80 keys when its maybe, 50.

When it was priced for 50 keys, thats what it sold for.

They took that into account when they priced it at 50 keys.

But, lets say someone comes and buys it for 80. Then, someone makes a suggestion for 80 keys, because a recent sell was for 80 keys, charging extra because its themed.

What if someone else comes along and sells one for 100 keys, because its themed.

And, they price is at 100 keys because of a recent sell for 100 keys because it was themed.



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people charge like nothing extra if something is theme

maybe 1-2 keys tops your kinda exaggerating 


Peace Sign Stash is a lot more than just a few keys higher....

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i've seen a lot of people charge over 10 keys because its themed

Even if it sells for higher than bp.tf price and the price increases it's simply because that's what it sold for.

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Most people will look for any excuse to overvalue their hats and undercut your's. It's simply how it is. Be this from themes, 'rarity" (1/5, 6, 7, etc), dupes, all the good stuff. You can usually just dismiss most themes since they are BS, and just ignore the trader. If it isn't themed, they'll find some other way to overvalue their hats, even if they have to resort to simply calling bp.tf prices wrong.


If the price is right, it will sell. If it's not, it won't sell. Simple, themes or no.

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