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The Comprehensive Backpack.tf Community Playlist Compendium


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Hey all :D


So, I saw a few post your spotify playlist threads and then in one of them dabaers brought up the idea of making a collaborative playlist. Which gave me this swell idea.

What if we made a playlist where everyone pitched in 1 or 2 songs that they wanted to add so we have a little bit of everybody's tastes in music? And you could just browse the playlist and maybe

discover an artist you really like. So -- basically, everyone just posts 1 or 2 songs that should be added to the playlist, and I will add them. Hopefully over time we will see this grow into a great playlist

with over a hundred songs. So I've started by adding Let It Be by Dyme Def (very near & dear to my heart, great song) and my favorite Cudi song -- Soundtrack 2 My Life by Kid Cudi.

(smh spotify didnt have the prayer smh)


Pitch in a few links you like and soon we can have somethin' great.

Oh, and remember, it has to be on Spotify.



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