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Your Favorite Backpack.TF Member


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Sorry if this was made before ;[


Basically list who is your favorite active forumer/main site user, and list reasons why!


It's hard for me to pick one, as there are several. Right now it's a tie between Rafio and Toby, as Rafio has always been there to help support me in my trades, and gives great advice. we also share an interest in Casemakers. Tobys just a really positive guy who puts a smile on my face. + He's killer great at SFMs and helps anyone out who needs help

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Polar and Angle. Polar has a good touch his words and can handle most any problem that arises with ease. He is the best admin I know out of all the forums I've ever used.

Angle is cool and down to earth. He always puts a smile on my face.  :wub:


Edit: Oh and honorable mention would be Wubsies. Love that guy as well. Always cheers me up with his memes and his addiction to Mikasa Ackerman.  :D

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Favorite member for me has to be Angelmander by a long shot.

1) First friend on the forums.

2) Lots of interests we share.

3) Love the same games.

4) Help each other a shit ton whether it be trading or loaning.

5) Whenever we're in a skype call together. Shit gets crazy and is an absolute pleasure talking to. (Also livens up the call :3)

6) One of the very few members I can trust with valuable items. (OP is one of them ;D)

And so much more, If I were to be extremely specific about why he's my favorite. This post would be rather long xD. I still like all of you other guys as well! <3

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This might sound kinda dumb, but I don't really havefavorite member here.

Basically, as long as you haven't given me a reason to dislike you, I'm probably fine with you.


although if you are knowledgeable about memes I will probably like you a little bit more





Favorite member? If i had to say anyone I would Say JakeTheAwesome. 



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Rambro cause Sig


Wubsies cuz State


Then me!



and somewhere in there is boom because he keeps inviting to his freaking RAFFLE GROUPS OH GOD THERE'S SO MANY OF THEM

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