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Level 42 Frostbite Rebel Rouser for an Aussie Sticky and Grenade and a Strange Pan?

EDIT: I'm the one with the Australiums

EDIT 2: It turns out he wasn't scamming and I passed up a good deal. Mods pls close.

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If he's rushing you tell him to wait and if he says no then just make him wait. If he deletes you, that's his loss.

But I'm just wondering if there is something I'm not seeing

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It wasn't a good deal. Wasn't that bad you didn't take it. GE one is 50 keys and Morning Glory way higher tier is 60-70 keys. Those aussies are practically pure whic 43 keys you can easily buy an 80 key unusual. Barley any offers on that hat too.


GE b/o is only 70 keys and b/o is way higher than what he will get.


Morning Glory b/o 70 keys.


One frostbite b/o 70 keys 2 weeks no offers


Status update next time though.

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