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Having trouble selling my Craft 99 Hat.


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I recently bought a Strange Blood Banker #99 and a Pro Killstreak Minigun for a cancer unusual, thinking that it would be easy to sell it because of the craft number. A few weeks later, and I'm having loads of trouble trying to sell it.

I currently have it priced at 8 keys.

I made an OP trade, put it on classifieds, made a thread on Bazaar, but nobody has made an offer.

Is this price too much?

Should I decrease it to something like 5 keys, or less?

Thanks, and if this is the wrong forum for this, sorry.

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1. Overpriced as hell

3. Lowcrafts are a big pain in the ass to sell, remember that.

actual advice ^^^

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What would be a better price then?

I don't have much (or any) experience with selling low-crafts, but most I see were selling for 4ish keys.

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