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Links in Currency suggestions


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Is it possible to program bp.tf to autoignore all currency suggestions that don't have at least 5 tf2outpost, bazaar.tf, etc. links?

There are so many proofless bud/key suggestions it's not funny.

It's getting kind of hard to find valid open key suggestions among all the http://www.hurr-durr.com/ trolls.

Is there any good reason for allowing these spammy, useless suggestions?


INB4 free rep; INB4 Buds aren't currency anymore


Here are some relevant links, in case y'all haven't been by the suggestions page recently.






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as said many many times, mods arent massively bothered by these spam suggestions as they can be closed in less than a minuet. it dosen't really affect anyone

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I think this would be useful.


It certainly takes more than a few seconds to close a suggestion. In most cases, mods would ban the suggester. Now, multiply this by dozens of troll suggestions a day. That is a lot of productivity wasted (for mods and others).


This should be a easy change to the website, too. It is a one-time addition of a suggestion requirement to stop hundreds of troll suggestions.


The benefits are worth the cost. 

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I think this would be useful, maybe just having a requirement of 1 accepted price suggestion would do.  I haven't ever seen anyone's first accepted suggestion be a currency suggestion.

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