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Classified Decimal points

Crass Spektakel

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It is been a while since you can no longer use decimal points in classified prices and I still get upset by this because with recent Key/Metal pricesI have to update my prices like every two days. Also people always get upset when they read a low price in refined right after key prices got raised again but the seller simply hadn't time to update.


There are a lot of items which prices are closely related to keys and not metal, e.g. backpack expanders have always sold for around 0.33 to 0.5 keys, so did tickets, vouchers and several colors.


I do no care if the price on display is "0.4 keys" or "8 refined", I am just talking about entering "0.4 keys" or "1.2 keys" into my personal classified prices. How the page is displaying this is totally up to you.


On Bazaar/Outpost/TF2TP I always use Key prices for everything above random craft hat, e.g. "9 Backpack Expanders = 3.85 keys" or "El Jefe, lime paint = 0.5 keys" and people seem to be fine with that.


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The search bar command "convert" always helps.


here's an example:

convert 0.8 keys

That isn't what he's asking for at all. 

He wants to be able to sell something for 2.5 keys consistently, without his asking price dropping when the value of keys rise in refined.

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I agree that this is annoying, although it was made with good intentions.  They did this so there wouldn't be any confusion between the seller and the buyer over exactly how much metal / keys the guy wants.  Although with currency prices being so unstable lately it has kind of backfired.

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