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Which hats/miscs do you want in unusual form


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So yeah, there's too many for a poll so well just tell me some hats that currently don't exist in unusual form, but you really want to have. Be serious. We all want a gifted, duped, drab painted bolts ghastly gibus for the lolz but this is what you really want.


For me it's the compatriot. I want it burning. Who doesn't want to see 'Muricah burn down? (no but seriously, it would look cool)

I want a balloonicorn. Though the prices would be insane due to cleverpun and friends. Ah well, I like the balloonicorn

A beastly bonnet + Cheet Sheet combination 

The storming norman

The birdman (I got something for animals okay)

The Bear Necessities

Any pocket things (Like an effect at your butt, ain't that kewl)

Sir Hootsie


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brutal bouffant

macho mann


caribbean conqueror


wilson weave

idea tube

byte'd beak




dashin' hashshashin


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Any Demoman Misc.


Unfortunately the only misc likely to become Unusual out of the Demoman would be the Menpo, and that'd be expensive as f_ck to buy since it'd be the first multi-class misc.

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Last Breath

Dashin Hash


Holiday Headcase


Max Head (Scorching Max? So sexy)


A bolts headcase. I would think that's a 12 key one. Also bill's don't even look good. Buds are like invisible and how to place effect?

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I want either a phosphorus or sulpherous Capo's Capper. Mostly Sulpherous. I would have it be cream spirit for Sulpherous, or for Phosphorus go for a color that would stand out from the bright green, like maybe a good balaclavas are forever.

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