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Automatically accepting items. lost my stuffs.


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Just realized I actually got the same link by a random phisher on my tf2outpost trade. "Oh cmon so r u just doing exact same crap that guy did? (blablabla scamming link here) :P" First I was like what the f... but didn't take long to realize it's just another phisher.

I first checked the user's steam profile and noticed he had no games at all, and level 0. Just for lulz I'll post a link for his "profile" http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198189356355


Quite sure this is just another bot made by a kid who can't even speak proper english.


That is one of the only links I have ever even nearly clicked, just because the grammar and sentence structure is exactly what I expect from around 99% of the people on outpost!

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