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Reminder about April Fools suggestions


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In the past, users have often posted stupid or silly suggestions for April Fools Day. The moderator team usually agreed that this was okay, provided the user closed them quickly.


Any April Fool suggestions will be left alone by mods for FIFTEEN MINUTES before being closed as usual.


You are welcome to make joke suggestions, but close them within fifteen minutes of posting them if you do not want your rep/suggestion accuracy affected. The mods WILL enforce this rule; we don't like to punish users for being silly, but these suggestions really do clog up the site if left up too long.


This is a public announcement of pre-existing moderator policy. Hopefully making it more visible will help users adhere to it.

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Yeah. I just got banned for it. Not even a single warning about it at all.

I would've stopped anyways, because I have to go to school here in a few minutes anyways and it was getting stupid.

Looks like someone unbanned the both of you. There was some miscommunication in the mod team about our troll suggestion policy :P

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