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Is this reportable ? Just telling


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 Freezy_ # left feedback about 9 hours ago

"""He was my closest frend, atleast he make it look like. When i asked him for 8 keys in return for 8 keys + some ref after period of time he reported me for scamm attemt.

Never frend with this user, he will backstab you !"""

Just check the original text here:


People are abusing this system. Here is the story. He randomly asks me to give him 8 keys. He said he would give them back with an extra few refs(like i need them).

1st abuse: He asked 8 keys from me. (Might be a scam attempt)

2nd abuse: Giving a false rep cause i refused giving him any keys and called him as a scammer.

3rd abuse: Insisting on not removing the rep. I have given him enough chance. 


I write here cause noone is answering. You need to remove that negative rep. It is so annoying. And ban that guy. Cause i already told that guy to remove the rep thousands of times. 

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All you can do is to report it and wait. In the mean time you could just report most of the rep he has in his trust since at least 11 out of his 13 Positive trusts don't qualify.

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