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Need help on an opening Suggestion


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I had a burning tossle (clean) that I had purchased for 13 buds worth in keys (buds =12), and sold it for 17 buds (day when buds turned 10 ea).

I know there was another sale before my purchase, it is a clean hat sales for mine and this other user. Previous suggestion was all on dupes.

But I cant remember who owned it to know what it sold for and feel weird with this range.


If anyone can trace any other CLEAN sales than mine please provide it but dont steal the suggestion. I will include you in for support if you help.


Thank you :3

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What, you sold it for 17 buds


*Brb raiseing price of my secret Tossle lmao*

Soon as it was offered no one else bothered to offer though. I dont know if that will work well for you ..


Considering burning is more of a sought down effect. Also you wouldnt believe how many ppl I asked to sell me a clean one. ONLY ONE SOLD ME HIS. The rest said they arent selling theirs at all.

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