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What would you call this? Scamming?!


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DylanSWFC: hi
TrueKE (ノア): Sup
TrueKE (ノア): I saw your trade for the COD Game
DylanSWFC: ok
TrueKE (ノア): But, I don't have keys, I have a wep worth more than 10 keys
TrueKE (ノア): Ap-Sap
DylanSWFC: its worth 1.5-2,...
TrueKE (ノア): No, its worth 14-16
DylanSWFC: where do you see that? You can buy it in the store for £7.
TrueKE (ノア): Well its now 7-9 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5141f7934bd7b8be1d000008
DylanSWFC: No it isn't thats a voting link. Which was 5 Months ago. And its Genuine. You have Unique. Even the genuine is 5 Keys. Im not stupid
TrueKE (ノア): I gave my friend 14-16 keys for it
TrueKE (ノア): And it isn't worth 6
DylanSWFC: looks like your friend scammed you then.
TrueKE (ノア): ...
TrueKE (ノア): No way
DylanSWFC: Genuine one http://backpack.tf/stats/933/1/0
TrueKE (ノア): So I can't get a COD Game
DylanSWFC: no, not for 1.5 Keys. it was 8 Keys or overpay in items.
TrueKE (ノア): Well, I have neither
TrueKE (ノア): Sooo
DylanSWFC: So you had no luck trying to scam a person out of a £20 game for £2
TrueKE (ノア): I wasn't aware
DylanSWFC: Well im sure you were. You Linked me a price Voting page hoping that i fell for it rather than the actual price page.
TrueKE (ノア): Is backpack the actual price page?
DylanSWFC: type the name into the top right hand corner. Thats the price.
TrueKE (ノア): Okay
I'm not sure if he genuinely didn't know or not? But he linked Backpack.tf Voting from 5 Months ago... after saying his item was worth 14-16 Keys. Also do you think it's steamrep report worthy?


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