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Official(ish) bp.tf Hunger Games


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So uh, with the popularity of the hunger games sim exploding, I thought it'd be cool to have an actual big ass hunger games with the forumers. I understand this may have been done already but ehhh, lets make it official and drawn out and really damn exciting.


Here's the site I'll be using to do this: http://brantsteele.n.../disclaimer.php


Here's some info on it too: http://knowyourmeme....games-simulator


So if you want to be a part of this, leave your name here. I'll assign all people who want in a number (which I'll update on this post as a list from time to time) 


EDIT: Apparently team size can be adjusted to 3 or 4 - this means a 48 person limit is in place, rather than 24! I will try sort out teams properly after submissions close, as we may not get a nice number to work with. You may end up in a smaller team. (I will also introduce wildcards if we fall short)


I will be posting the results of each day over a time span. Once a day feels too drawn out, so probably every 12 hours, starting one hour after submissions close (there may be a little lee-way on this, I'm not always available at these times)


I will use your forum name / display picture on the forums, and please, don't bother making an account just to participate in this.


Submissions for the Games will close at 10pm PST (14th) / 1am EST / 5am GMT / 4pm AEDT / 6pm NZST on the 15th of March.

I live in New Zealand so timing is tough for me! Please bear with me if I don't quite get it right.


Don't know if this will be a success or not, but will be fun to try out nevertheless :)



D1 - puddingkip, ☭SilverSpeed™☭, Sgt. Pancakes, Pladimir Vutin of Memeia
D2 - Scrublordington the III, Charity, Bone, TheVenomWithin
D3 - vetroza :3, Duck., Tactical Ass, RozeEagle
D4 - ∞Ramses, ï¼´ï½ï½‚ï½™, The Merchant, Gent
D5 - ProPain, Balcherite, Balrog the Toaster (OSX), Never-Over
D6 - Avenging Flame, Buttercup!, Chakra, Spottyâ„¢
D7 - kitteh, Keroro1454, Kevin the Chicken God, wallywalrus_
D8 - Rainford, A-money, Genzarata, knavesmith
D9 - JakeTheAwesome, A Turn For The Best, Fenrir, Alfie Omega
D10 - Sethos S., Rambro, The Radiated Banana, There
D11 - Heero-Yuy, TheBaconDrinker, Kebabvendor, Carnage
D12 - TheProcave, ☭Python, Zimby, desrai


It's happening. Come back every day for new results on each day!

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There are two of them already active right now. Pls.


Ill enter enyways


;-; lorde habe merci



No love for PST/PDT? Ok then.


Count me in


Knew I forgot one! Editing that in now :)

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