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Ordering of listing in classified


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I've noticed that using the default "sort by value", the listings are not secondarily ordered by time. Previously, I didn't know why this was, and despite me trying to bump my listing, it still remains below listings that are multiple days old (and often already traded).


I think I have finally figured out why. The sequence goes something like:


1. Person A lists item X for 2 keys, when keys are 5.66-5.77

2. Keys get changed to 5.66-5.88

3. Person B lists item X for 2 keys, but the "value" is considered more since keys rose, and thus ends up below person A's listing when sorted by value.


This ends up affecting all new listings of that item for 2 keys, even though it's the same 2 keys as before the price change.




Strange Shotgun: http://backpack.tf/classifieds/search/id/520007864bd7b8ee25000007

Strange Degreaser: http://backpack.tf/classifieds/search/id/52000a72ba2536973b000001


Basically, there are 2 "sections" of the same price (1.5 keys for shotgun, 2 keys for degreaser). The "old" 2 keys, and the "new" 2 keys.


IMHO, the 2 keys are the same, and the new listings shouldn't be penalized just because the currency rose.


On a side note, is it acceptable to use the Report button to report listings whose items no longer exist in the user's backpack? I didn't want to flood admins with requests if this was not an intended use of the Report button.

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Yeah, I need to fix this -- the 'value' is computed at the time of listing. It would be nuts on the database to compute it every time the classified listing page is opened so I will probably have a script that will update that value every time a currency change is done instead.


You may use the report function if an item is no longer in a backpack. I still need to fix the bug where it should remove the items from the listings if it's not in the backpack anymore... 2 more things on to-do list! woohoo.

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