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Help with making a hitsound randomizer


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So I've figured out how to make random sound effects play on a weapon attack, it's just a case of adding a rndwave function to the weapon's attack alias and putting multiple sound files within its braces (This also means you'd have to have the rest of the alias' and sound files there for it to work properly when you mod it in). And I was hoping I could do this for the hitsound too since it uses the alias "Player.Hitbeep"... I just can't find what file has that alias in it...


The code is this simple!:

    "channel" "CHAN_STATIC"
    "volume" ".75"
    "soundlevel" "SNDLVL_86dBM"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling1.wav"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling2.wav"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling3.wav"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling4.wav"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling5.wav"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling6.wav"
        "wave" "ui/ding_a_ling7.wav"
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I'll try to explain it a bit better:


The game loads in all of the sound effect files by using long textfiles that define where each sound effect goes and how it should play it. If you've ever messed with Left 4 Dead's vocalizer menus you'd know what to expect to see. Some of these 'events' play multiple different sounds, either in order or chosen at random. One of these 'events' is the hitsound one, but I can't find anything anywhere that could lead to what file I'd need to change for it.


Since the Steam Pipe stuff these text files aren't actually in the directory anymore. And to add to/change them you'd need the rest of the file's contents unless you're ok with half of the sound effects being missing, you'd still need to know the file's name for it to work in the first place at that.


I know this kind of thing works since I've used a mod before that changes the fist hit sound effect so it will play many different sound clips at random each time it is activated.

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