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Best Highlander team worldwide?


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Let's say that you can MAKE a team with 1 professional player by class ingame. Who would you take ?


Scout : Schocky/Stefan ? BasH ? Clockwork ?

Soldier : GeaR ? Mike ? Tek ?

Pyro : TMP ? DeGuN ?

Demoman : b4nny ? Numlocked ?

Heavy : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Engi : Dave+ ? Mista ? Sigafoo ?

Medic : harbleu ? Pyour ? KnoxXx ? 

Sniper : Max ? sheep ?

Spy : Stabby² ? Daff ? onv ?



lets talk

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Assuming retired players aren't allowed, and basing this on pure skill rather than if they're better at HL or 6s.

Scout : SVMZI

Soldier : Mike (MGEMike, y'know)

Pyro : Satan

Demo : Kaidus

Heavy : Kill 'em All (honourable mention to HAM, who retired from heavy in UGC S13)

Engi : Eh, they're all kind of the same :)

Medic : Mirelin (Drop like a Harblue innit)

Sniper : Sheep (honourable mention to Scizor as a HL sniper, hands down best sniper in Plat at the moment)

Spy : Acooma (forgot about Acooma :/, honourable mention to Hei, best spy to play the game, retired for DotA :'(

My opinion, fight me lads.

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Forgot about Acooma, you'd be right about that. As for Paddie, I'd agree on him being one of the best in UGC Plat, and while Mista isn't as good as Sigafoo, Sigafoo isn't much better than Dave+ or frankly even Enderp.

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Scout: Zebbosai

Soldier: ShaDowBurn

Pyro: Katzy

Demo: gdk

Heavy: Dill

Engineer: vhalin or sigafoo can't decide

Medic: Mirelin

Sniper: Scizor or tek36

Spy: Acooma


The what's to be considered as "odd" choices are probably Zebbosai, ShaDowBurn and gdk. I think that the aggresive olaystyle of Zebbosai and ShaDowBurn could work out really well. I also choose gdk because I think the combo will be relying on their flank a lot and therefore need to play aggresively with it, so Kritzkrieg might be a good choice, therefor I've gone for the Kritz god: gdk.

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scout - shocky

solly - platinum

pyro - satan or TMP

demo - duwatna

heavy - snailboat?

engi - spamfest

med - phorofor or cozen

sniper - max or marisa

spy - acooma

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