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Trading with scammers


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Ok, i created this topic because i dont't understand why one guy is banned for trading one hat.

He is not my friends, i just saw new suggestion and asking my self why he is banned after creating this suggestion.


Suggestion : http://backpack.tf/vote/id/54c7aceaba8d88f4218b45d6

Hat history: http://backpack.tf/item/3371983521

Scammer steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198054862332

Report: http://forums.f-o-g.eu/threads/4895-fy-aditya-s-47-unusuals-76561198054862332-a.html



ok, i understand that hat was traded with scammer, but...scammer was first owner, and this scammer has ban because he traded with other scammer. So we have circle, one guy bought osmething from scammer and he is is now makd as scammer, but he unboxed unusual, so he can't sell this hat to anybody because he is a scammer ?

I understand that buying scammed hat's is something what you can't do but what about buying clean, not scammed hat?


Scammer was first owner, he unboxed it and he can sell it.

Ragin' Beige got ban because he bought not scammed hat, in my opinion this is big hole in bp.tf logic. not guilty person is banned because he bought hat from first owner.

So if this scammer will play mvm and get ausi weapon, i will buy it for backpack.tf price i will get ban because i bought item worth more than 6 keys from scammer who is first owner?

Or other scenario, if i will trade this ausi weapon, someone check weapo history "oh, i see scammer in history, i will report this guy because he traded with scammer" and i will get scammer tag because "i trade with scammer" nobody can trade with me because i'm the scammer, all my items are scammed from other players and if you trade with me you are helping me so you will get ban for trading with scammer?


This is one big circle of how to become scammer without scamming.


Please explain me how it works because i don;t understand backpack.tf rules anymore.



PS. Sorry for my english.

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