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Complaint about a negative trust issue i have.


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Hey, i have a complaint to make.


I've had this negative trust on my profile for a while now, and it isn't even for a legitimate reason at all. I reported it a while back and nothing happened.


Basically, i offered on a guys items, with a strange specialized killstreak spy-cicle. I told him it was worth 2 keys, because that was what i'd bought it for, and thats what i'd seen other people selling them for at the time.


He reported me for this, going off community market prices and calling me a sharker.


Is this fair in any way?


1. Killstreak items have no price

2. I can find multiple people selling this for 2 keys:






3. When i added him and asked him about it, he called me a "fucking sharker" and that i should "go fuck myself".

Even though i provided all this proof in a calm way.


Sorry for bringing this up so late, just found out about these forums today.




Also, here's my profile: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198071782809


EDIT: did more research, from the 12 i looked at, 9 were selling for 2 keys. this was on the first 4 pages of strange spycicles on outpost.

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I wouldn't expect anyone to accept a Strange Specialized Spy-Cicle at 2 keys. That's a bit high to be honest. They sell on the Steam Market for around 1 key. Just because you paid 2 keys for it doesn't mean it's worth 2 keys. Another thing to note is that most people don't want killstreak items.


The -trust isn't valid, but I don't think valuing it at 2 keys is fair to the other trader.

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Yes, I wasn't very good at trading back then, and yes, you're right, i'm not arguing about the value of the item, i'm just saying the -rating for "sharking" is a bit weird. especially when the guy didn't give me any evidence of me sharking and refused to look at any proof i had that the item could be worth 2 keys. he just deleted and blocked me and swore at me. and yeah, looking back it wasn't very fair towards him, but he had no reason to report me, as it wasn't sharking. the item has mixed values, depending on the person who wants to buy/sell it. 

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