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Name My Items. (Please)


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Hi there.


How are you?



Okay, now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way let's cut to the chase.

I'm really bad at naming items in literally everything ever so I want YOU to help me name my Engineer stuff.


The items that need to be named are..


S.Pro KS Gunslinger 

S.Pro KS Southern Hospitality 

S.F.Pro KS Shotgun 

S.F Pro KS Frontier Justice

Pro KS Lugermorph

S.Pro KS Pomson 6000

S.Pro KS Widowmaker

S.Pro KS Rescue Ranger



Golly, that sure is a lot of items to name and most of them don't even have their Pro killstreaks applied or even have their kits completed.


If I can be a little bit picky (Though I appreciate all ideas) could you try and somehow relate to say...Warcraft or something involving magic? (I've become slightly obsessed with the series in the past little while. (Again))


As stated before I appreciate all ideas brought forth.


If you think it'll help for me to say what the Sheen/Effect combos are just say so and I'll put them all in.



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Gunslinger - Lvl 3 Sentrys are mainstream

Shotgun - #Shotsfired

Southern Hospilality - Not the only thing that's bleeding

Frontier Justice - Crits are fun

Lugermorph - I missed 3 bullets to kill you

Pomsom 6000 - Fuck the Spys and Medics

Widowmaker - Windows7.exe has stopped working


And the rest I can't think of

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"Nigga did I just catch you having fun?"


"Gear Grinder"

"Trixie's Mechanic Masturbation Mitten"

"The Miracle-Slinger"


"Heck Yeah! High Five?"

Huttah! Neck Snap!

The Turbo Jacker

Death Grip

imagine jacking with this thing

The Southerner's Shaker

Luke's Hand

Fap-matic 7000

Itchy Finger

Willy Wanker


Southern Hospitality:

"The South Hoss"



"Ups, I did it again!"


frontier justice:

"ur mum"

"Three shot revenge"




"The Samuel Colt"

Partner in Crime

"Police Squad!"

Max's Severed Gun

"Hyper-Kinetic Rabbity Gun"

Hitler's Handgun

The Facist Firearm

12 Bullets of Death

"This thing kills you" 

'The bluster blaster' 

"The Luger"



"Pomson Faget :)"

"Mr Pompert"

/////////////////////////// WARNING ///////////////////////////



"scrap banker"

"Pure Win-maker"


"The Widowmaker"

"The Riveting Tale"

"The Irontaker"

Reclaimed Metal

"The windowmaker"




"2 overpowdered pls nerf"

blackwidow maker

"bottomless clip"

"kritz me"

"random crit lol"


"Point and Click Adventure"


strange rescue ranger:



Windows Update

NVIDIA Drivers

Pinpoint accuracy!



"Santa's Statistics Assistant"

"Realistic Gameboy"

"It is just like real life!"

Disguised Spy

Press Button, Get Toolbox.

"Dispencin an erector!"

"Big Red Button."

Construction tools


 Dial 4 for sentry.

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S.Pro KS Gunslinger - disappearing calm act

S.Pro KS Southern Hospitality - disappearing blood act

S.F.Pro KS Shotgun - disappearing meat act

S.F Pro KS Frontier Justice - all crit act

Pro KS Lugermorph - disappearing health act

S.Pro KS Pomson 6000 - disappearing uber act

S.Pro KS Widowmaker - infinite ammo act

S.Pro KS Rescue Ranger - disappearing sentry act

S.PDA - matter duplicator

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*cracks knuckles*


S.Pro KS Gunslinger > 

"Trojan" "making more irritating pop ups than a porn site."

"Remember kids: you must end joy to enjoy" (thats a desc)

"The Double Standard" "The item that nobody likes but everybody uses"

"Truly Feared Outlaw Gunslinger" "+100% weapon switch speed"


S.Pro KS Southern Hospitality >

"The Tribalman's Shiv (Slight Return)"

"My buildings are like my children" "I hit them to make them work harder"

"Insert Period Joke Here"


S.F.Pro KS Shotgun>

"Jingle Shells, Jingle Shells..." or "Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells" or something along those lines


S.F Pro KS Frontier Justice>

"Merry Critsmas!"

"Ghost of Christmas Past" "You're going to regret doing that to my sentry!"


S.Pro KS Pomson 6000>

"Doctor's hate him" "Find out how this man can get rid of an ubercharge in less than 3 seconds!"

"Flamethrower" "For spy checking, uber denying rage, and hilarity!"


S.Pro KS Widowmaker>

"Refund Policy" "Void if you have bad aim"

"The Window Maker" "Prepare to enter a world of PANE! >:D"


S.Pro KS Rescue Ranger>

"Now you you see the sentry" "Now you don't"





"Tower Defense Simulator"

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You must name your gun. . . Morgan.


Then(if you have sec tag) make it's desc : "Sometimes you just need a little more gun, but if that doesn't work use Morgan."

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You must name your gun. . . Morgan.


Then(if you have sec tag) make it's desc : "Sometimes you just need a little more gun, but if that doesn't work use Morgan."


Thats not very original

also you should make that Morgan Freeman

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