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If you could wield a keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)...


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Where would you go? (inb4 go rek in star wars comments)


Which would you wield?


What would you unlock? (inb4 "I've got the key to your heart" responses)


Who would you fight with?


What would you lock? 


Why the violent intentions?






I would go portal gun with this thing and go infinite skydiving (and find a way not to die afterwards)


Bond of Flame "Got it memorized?"


i'd unlock the rest of my brain and become God my hidden potential?


My dark side (not the first boss)


I'd lock the internet for one whole day. Demand Captcha removal, and sympathize with every girl about lack of internet, hopefully get a date lol


**waits for someone to actually have severly violent intentions

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I'd probably find Ansem's computer, smash it program it so that I can use it to enter the internet and do some stuff. 


Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Those, or the Two Become One.


I'll buy all dem crates and unbox dem all.


I don't know, Merasmus?


I'll lock up Rule34 and basically every other porn site that exists for a whole decade. Actually, that's kinda evil. 

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