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Confession time

Hatch Rawer Beryl

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I don't have real friends and don't feel the need to acquire them. I stopped caring long ago. I haven't felt genuine emotions for so long I don't know I'm still theoretically able to. I spend my free time bored and doing essentially nothing.


Also that was half bullshite.


I am also plagued by the "X in 20xx 4Head" meme. Send help. In form of fresher memes.

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What's sao?

an anime which a lot of people consider entry-level and pretty bad.


I thought the first few episodes of SAO were pretty good.

That's a valid opinion. The first few episodes are good at getting the viewer hooked and have a lot of cool scenes. It's later on that everything just falls apart horribly.

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Here's a confession: I need harry to unblock me on steam (would you please?)

I will write a comment why I will be adding you, no worries

I rarely unblock anybody, and I never unblock people who send scummy/troll trade offers, which is what I have you listed as. Sorry.

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I usually stand around food courts looking like Im waiting for something in the hopes that the stands say there are free samples


couldn't you just look at the stands and then go away if they don't have free samples?

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