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Confession time

Hatch Rawer Beryl

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I am a lazy person.


That makes me feel bad, because I can do great things. I try to push back practicing the Organ and Piano, even though I want to study Music in College. Speaking of college, I am holding back from taking my final college visit, even though I love visits and appreciate a legit reason not to go to school. I have a book report due tomorrow that I had all winter break to work on. I have had the book since Dec. 13th and started reading it the 31st. I like reading the book and hate myself for not reading earlier; I am turning in my report a day late for that. Even my Eagle scout ceremony I am procrastinating! I want it in Feb. and haven't even started working on it.


Almost every time I procrastinate I regret it. I don't even think I could force myself to stop it. I bet I will be writing my will on my deathbed.

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I'm the one Pyro who uses the Fire axe to finish them off.

I also talk shit about Nighteam, on Nighteam servers.

And I can't talk to the opposite sex, 'cuz I'm too scared to.

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When possible, I use the restroom/washroom for family or people with disability. 


Why? Because it's spacious and a thousand times more comfortable than sitting in a stall. I mean, just look at this:




The diaper changing station also acts as a perfect item holder. I typically travel with a backpack and it's very handy.


Interesting sidenote: seems like I'm not the only one doing this. During my time in these washrooms, I have had numerous people trying to also use this washroom. I highly doubt they are all families or people with disabilities. 

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