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Confession time

Hatch Rawer Beryl

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I don't consult my parents when asked for joining Club Penguin.

I enjoy banning people.

I don't read the terms and conditions when I press accept.


Whenever I list something on the classifieds, I open the backpacks of people above my listing hoping that they've sold the item, thus removing their listing and making mine appear higher on the list.



I didnt understand

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I didnt understand


If you are selling an item on the classifieds and the item is no longer in your backpack, the classified listing isn't remove until you update your backpack.

I sometimes sell items a little bit higher than the lowest seller if I feel like the price is too low.


Taking two and two together, I open the backpacks of cheaper sellers hoping they have already sold the item. If they have, their classified listing is removed, thus moving my name higher on the list and making me appear as the cheapest seller.


Oh, I should have also pointed out I'm talking about the stats page of items as well as their respective classified search. The home page is exempt from this.

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Serious Thread.

Can Be a bunch of Confessions.


I've done some... Gayish things when I was little. went over to a friends and uh.

I think you get what happened next. (I was like 7 gg)



 (Thanks to Dabers for the idea)

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