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Confession time

Hatch Rawer Beryl

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I eat alot of junk food. Yet i am really skinny...


Edit: not really skinny, not fat.... somewhere inbetween... more skinny then fat tho

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I don't consult my parents when asked for joining Club Penguin.

I enjoy banning people.

I don't read the terms and conditions when I press accept.

I live in a middle class neighborhood, but go to a school in an upper class neighborhood full of rich people.


The people here have a ton of money, and a large portion go on steam and play games such as tf2.


I'm able to sell them keys for 2.50 and other games and items at the steam store price.


I did this for my previous school year, and started up again now. I've made more than 1.5k out of selling people I know irl stuff on steam, probrably getting close to 2k worth.

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