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This post will be probably removed by richfags.Just for saying the Truth :/


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First off sorry for my bad english.

Remember the reson why the refineds are going down?

Here's an "explanation" by a richfag:

If you don't want to click the link here's what that ponyfag said:

In poor wordsPonyfag:Because metal go down,say big thanks to idlers

its normal because metal can idle anyone(for example someone use sandboxie to make 10+ idle accounts,10*8=80/3=26/3=8.66=3.25 keys for nothing in week(with price 2.66 per keys))

In poor words he say that it's idlers fault that metal go down and keys go up.

Now watch at the new tf2 update page:



Yes richfags.No more idling.No more fu**ing excuses.

It's time to keys will be 2.55.

And now a special message to everyone with thousand of unusuals:

                                                                         FUCK YOU

With love(and hate)


P.S: I'm serious
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Actually it's being removed because you're rude, immature, and incapable of presenting your ideas in an objective, polite way.

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