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[o.W.n] screamin eagles: yo
Grizzly: hi
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: watcha need?
Grizzly: im buying ur oma
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: oma?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: ok
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: one man army
Grizzly: one man army
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: facepalm
Grizzly: lol
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: one sec
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: zer yoiu go
Grizzly has declined your trade request.
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: ?
Grizzly: what u want for it?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: 13 keys
Grizzly: pure ?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: let me see your offer
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: yeah or item overpay no paint nor spells
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: i prefer pure
Grizzly: what aboout wallet ?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: srry i cant accept
Grizzly: 25 euro?
Grizzly did not respond to the trade request.
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: that is to risky
Grizzly: whats risky ?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: the wqallet
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: i dont want to risk it
Grizzly: lol u put it in a trade...
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: the code or money?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: just show me
Grizzly: same
Grizzly: u can send a trade offer
The trade request was cancelled.
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: ok
Grizzly: and just pic how much
Grizzly: how much is 13 keys?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: 27 $
Grizzly: ok
Grizzly: have u sent it yet ?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: nope
Grizzly: ok
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: i cant send it i dont trust you
Grizzly: well its actually up to u , check my bp. why would i scam a 13 key unusual
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: i dont know what to do
Grizzly: all good i can buy from someone else if u dont want , the wallet is safe and made of steam
Grizzly: u send an offer
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: but how di  know if you used it
Grizzly: no the money will automaticlly go to ur steam acc
Grizzly: im soon out of battery pls be a bit faster
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: how>
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: /
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: ?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: show me tell me how to do it
Grizzly: go in to my profile
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: k
Grizzly: then click more
Grizzly: and then offer a trade
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: i know but how do i get the steam money
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: from the trade
Grizzly: u choose how much u want , it shows up
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: how do find it i cant find it
Grizzly: ill send it if u want
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: ok
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: send it
Grizzly: just a min
Grizzly: 27 usd right?
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: yep
Grizzly: i put in a strange for u as a sweet
[o.W.n] screamin eagles: ok
Grizzly is now Online.
Grizzly: my laptop is daying soon
Steam Guard: Your account will be credited the amount of $27.00 it will be available after the exchange. If you refuse the exchange, amount will be refunded to the buyer.
0 items listed below from Community Market
1 item listed below from user [o.W.n] screamin eagles
In addition to the listed items, you will recieve $27.00 (usd) to your Steam wallet.

Administration SteamCoummunity
Pay: $27.00

Registration number: B10980M
VAT ID: LI32517912
IBLT NUMBER: 55519714

After the trade your steam wallet is active add funds here
id appears a problem contact
© Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. (?)
unusual one man army
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Obvious scammer is obvious. Report him on SteamRep and Outpost and backpack.tf and bazaar.tf and Google and Nasa and that's about all you can do.

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