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Trading ROTMG items for TF2/CS:GO items


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(If this is in the wrong subforum please advise a mod, thank you.)


Howdy-doody; I don't play Realm of the Mad God much anymore since it makes me extremely mad, so I am offering a service I closed down MONTHS ago on other websites where you may purchase the items I have such as "Potions of all kinds, Tops, or Player Skins" for TF2/CS:GO items/currencies.


I have conducted trades in the format presented before you, do not attempt to make me change my ways:


My prices are taken from Realmeye and estimated from Whitebags paypal service, this is my Realmeye Profile.


We add eachother on steam, and discuss a server / meeting area.

You send the items to me via steam trade window, I then give you the ROTMG items from one of my mules(Alt accounts), you may request items if I do not have them in stock and I will see what I can do and inform you when I have them.


Water salesman died to pieces 'cause he kissed a rock dragon. RIP




MY CURRENT STOCK: (Updated after most if not all trades conducted)




1 Puppet Master skin


1 Nun skin


1 Slime Paladin skin


1 Slime Sorcerer skin


1 Slime Huntress skin


1 Slime Ninja skin



Tarot cards


2 Magician card


1 Moon card


1 The Fool card



Rings (good for feeding to pets)


4 Exa speed





1 Gold helmet


1 Gold Quiver





2 T10 staff


1 T11 dagger


2 T12 staff


2 T12 katana






4 T13 Robe



Potions (Prone to being inaccurate due to gathering lots at a time)


8 Attack potions


5 Defence potions





DISCLAIMER: I would rather not get marked over something as silly as a game I've quit. I will not scam anyone here. Leave some form of trust mark here or on my backpack.tf profile after conducting business, please and thank you! (Not required)

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