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Can you ban this guy ? Cause steamrep does not take any actions.


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3 months ago this guy charged back his money. I reported him. But they did not do anything. He has 3 pending reports. One is created by me. He scammed many people in 1 day. He charged back all of his money. All proves are on steamrep. I saw many examples that you have banned people cause of pending reports. There is no better example. He needs to clear himself first. Just check the reports.




Steamrep is too lazy. I think my 30 keys gone for nothing. Plz ban the ones who really deserve.


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i appealed a ban on this user this afternoon. He is also banned on TF2OP now.



This user has been banned permanently by Toughsox. The reason for this ban is as follows:
You have 3 pending SteamRep reports for Paypal fraud. While I understand your claim that your Steam account was hacked, that does still leave many questions about your Paypal chargebacks that need to be resolved on Steamrep before you may appeal your ban here.
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