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Need help making an unusual suggestion

Winter Scout

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I've never made an unusual suggestion. And I need help making a suggestion to update it. There was only 1 on the market and sold for a max's head and 3 Keys. I looked back at the older owner and it was sold to him for 3 buds clean 9 months ago. If anyone can help me here I will greatly appropriate it.


The Trades


> http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17825550



Max's + 3 Keys.




And Yes I read through this entire thing on how to make a unusual suggestion



And Still couldn't find any others selling it since it was 1/1 on the market

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That 9month old sale is too old, Max + 3 keys would account to 3.4~


or if it was level 1/7, 3.1


So, you can update it on that one sale, at 3.4 (if Non lev 1/7) or 3.1 (If lev 1/7)

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