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Nastiest thing you've ever tasted

Geezus Khriast

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What is the nastiest thing you've ever tasted?

Mine is probably Pumpkin Stew (or at least the kind I tried). You'd think it taste sweet, but it's this salty stew thing with seafood inside. And why is it so lumpy?


Some of you are probably gonna go nasty and type in oral parts. Or I could be wrong.


And also, vegemite is NOT the worst thing I've ever tasted. It tastes like seafood and soy sauce in sushi restaurants, except with a little more salt.

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Some tamales from a new store that opened in town.


Cheese tasted like fake cheese. The texture of the cheese was like rubber. The dough was so dry it was as if it wasn't cooked at all. Taking a bite was like biting a warm sandwich of sawdust with a rubbery inside and a raw chili. I love tamales but not the ones from this store. 


That and vegemite. That shit is so nasty.

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