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How do you organize your backpack?

Mega Lucario

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How do you organize your items in your backpack?


I arrange my backpack with class-based pages, as well as an all-class page and a page for my mackerels, which i've had to place partially in my scout page as they take up more than one page.


I also keep items for trade/future use(Keys, Metal, Name/Desc tags) in one page.


I'd love to hear how you keep yours organized!

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For me I try to organize each page based on their purpose, like I have one page for items I am selling or using to buy things with, one for metal, one for keys, one for items such as badges, event hats, action slot items one for currencies and items that belong to friends, and so on. As for my classes, I always put the classes I am currently using in a format different than the ones I'm not using. For example, my heavy, engie, pyro and soon solly class; I always dedicate 2-3 rows to each one, and the first 2-3 squares are where that classes miscs and taunts go, followed by a space and then that classes weapons. They are then followed by the weapons for the other classes I don't use, with each taking around 2-3 rows themselves, just minus the misc/taunt squares. It takes a while to set each page up like that, but it makes it so much easier for me in the long run to find what I need and where I need to put specific items I get.

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I have 5 pages of "gutter" space, containing items I'm trading & my pure. Next up is page 6 - 14 for class specific items, page 15 contains multi-class items and action items (duck journal, canteen, dueling game). Then an empty page, currently it's a storage for my head warmer collection. Page 17 is for my untradable items, page 18 contains my taunts + voodoo souls. Pages after that are currently storage for weapons, robo parts, and pure. I'll later put my head warmer collection in there when it's done.


< tf if you want to have a look.

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right now:

 it's genuines -> 

random weapon drops for selling when I'm pubbing ->

duplicate weps for smelting/ random other weapons that aren't the "norm" -> 

page of free untradeable things from achievements/etc., Halloween stuff, a few things that didn't fit elsewhere ->

noisemakers, c.f.'s, stranges, vintages I sorta use ->

pure ->

pure spillover and stuff to sell in trade ads or whatever->

crates, candleers, that one scrap

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All the default sorts blow and should never be used unless you like having unorganized messes.


First 7 pages are for ref, 8-11 for selling items, 12-14 for auction items, 15 for items currently being auctioned, 16-17 for buds and keys, 18-21 for misc items, 22 for weapon crafting, 23-27 blank for now, 28 for craft number collections, 29-30 for misc hoarding, 31 for Bazaar.tf crafts, 32 for unusuals, 33-36 for conch collection, 37-40 for items I keep to use.



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