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Cheapest Badge Crafts?


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Bumping this


http://steam.tools/cards/This is a valuable resource as it lists set per price and tells you what you already have which is very nice.


https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steam-ninja/iafjcapblconlangblamhojmlpbdebhn?hl=enThis is a great resource as after clicking the link on that first page you can just one-click to buy an entire set which saves an absolutely tremendous amount of time.


However, this is still expensive. I just spend $25 to go from 30 to 41. As your steam level goes up, so does the cost to go further, for two critical reasons.


1.) For every ten levels, it costs 100 more xp to jump a single level. At Steam 30 it costs 400xp to get to 31, however at Steam 40 it costs 500xp to get to 41. 


2.) Logically someone would start out buying cheaper cards, after these resources are exhausted the cost of a set goes up slightly, too.  


I would like to know if there's some cheaper way to buy cards/sets because $150+ to go from 40 to 100 is obviously quite a lot of money, and forget 200,300, or even 400.


Also, worth mentioning, as always, palmdesert, whose profile looks insane right now www.steamcommunity.com/id/palmdesert


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Assuming you're buying off the SCM don't buy cards for the listed price, set buy orders for a cent or two cheaper depending on the initial price. That's what I did anyway and it worked well, most bought in a day or two.

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