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Smissmas 2014 item schema update (images included)


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Pissed of they had to make ANOTHER demoknight weapon reskin, but it looks pretty badass.

Fucking SMG reskin is awful. Who uses it?

Bonk is totally unexpected. Most people though it'd be eggnog (Mad Milk).

Bonesaw is also not the most useful. Medic primary or medi-gun would've been better. (Or Solemn Vow. Solemn is direct upgrade to bonesaw.)

I don't even know about the backburner. Is it a unicorn?

The new demo primary and secondary make me squeal with joy. I was waiting for another secondary!


And to the hats:

Meh. Not very many good.

My favs are:


- Clubsy the Seal

- Surgeon's Shako

Most are bad in my opinion.

Skullcap looks like shit. I never even cared for TC, but it's horrible.

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They should have called this the Demo Update


Well, it's about time they actually make some non-demoknight shit.

I can't blame them, these items were way overdue.

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