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How to put a santa hat on your avatar


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(Crowd cheers)


(Crowd explodes in tears)


Okay, you may have seen people doing some Christmas avatars, and you feel left out. Pity.

Today, I am here to teach you to be hyped for the holidays, and how everyone will know.



  • A computer
  • Internet
  • A steam account



  1. Go to http://www.santaonpicture.com/design-your-gift/ and upload your steam avatar, and choose which hat you would like to put on it. After you've accomplished that, you may realize the horrible truth; it costs money.
  2. You freak out, smashing your desktop window, shattering all of the remains. But there's a solution to this problem. One very secret and something you never would have thought of. Use a screenshot program (puush) to capture your santy clause.
  3. Download the image, and use it as your avatar, by clicking on "My Settings", and clicking on the photo. Then change that photo to santy clause, and you can forever show off your avatar.

You probably didn't need this, but whatever.



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