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What really Grinds your Gears?

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...when people say "this is my dream hat" but are selling it anyway. Way to keep the dream strong.

Your girlfriend on Sundays.

People that have trades up for months and months, leaving it there inactive with autobump.   Also people that take offers on their items but never accept an offer.

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When I go on scrap.tf and it shows a message 'You have 1 item to pick up from a raffle', you get all excited and it turns out it's just somebody who forgot to pick up an item from your own raffle. 

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On 7/3/2013 at 5:59 PM, Christley </3 Peelz said:

much like mlp.

but ill list some things that grind my gears:

1. 25 year old guys loving mlp to death

2. fixing things that isnt broken, i.e tf2op and jagex with runescape

3. girls that love being in the center, but hate and bash you when you dont agnolish them.

4. jobs that seek employees which requires Spirit Sword Master mangazuki you to have worked for like a year but calls themselves "entry lvl"

5. when people only contact me when they are in dire need of help, i.e fixing a computer but never talks to me otherwise.

6. people that expect you to help them, but dont even say thank you when you've helped them.

7. when my mom says "get a job already" like its so easy to get a job with 15% of swedens youngsters being unemployed.


Years ago, there was a movie, Indian In The Cupboard, about a young boy who receives a magical wooden cabinet that can bring toy figurines to life. So, he uses it on a cowboy and an Indian, and adventure is had by all.


One part of the movie that stayed with me, is when the young boy, Omri, is walking to school with the cowboy and Indian in his pocket. He’s trying to be so careful, because he doesn’t want to hurt them, but the men are very small, not used to traveling so fast, and feel very uncomfortable, despite Omri’s tiptoeing.

I’ve felt that way. I’ve felt small, and helpless, and like the people around me were bigger, more important, and stronger than me. Like they picked me up, against my will, and moved me where they wanted me to be. It has made me uncomfortable, angry, and at the worst, even physical ill. I felt too small to make them stop, and too insignificant to ask for their compassion.


Then, it’s like I remember that I’m not some tiny toy. That I have a say in what I do, and where I go. So, I yell at them for not showing me compassion and empathy. I stand there, with the corners of my mouth foaming, gritting my teeth, and screaming at them for not seeing that I was in distress.


I stand there, doing exactly the thing I’m yelling at them for; not treating me with kindness. If I don’t speak up, and tell someone how I’m feeling, how can I justify being angry? Expecting someone to just know how I’m feeling is unfair, and irrational.


There is a fine line between righteous indignation and loss of control. That line, for me, is when I think I’m right. If I think someone has hurt me because they were too selfish to think about how I’d feel, I give myself permission to use abusive language, yell, cry, wail, accuse, and hurt them back.


Sometimes, in the midst of my tantrum, I realize what I’m doing, and I stop, but by then, it’s too late. I’ve already committed those ‘sins’. Then, I’m too ashamed to apologize, because I’m sure I don’t deserve forgiveness, and I don’t think they’d believe me.


I’m learning, finally, that I can always start from kindness. I don’t need to lean into my anger, just because I think I’m justified in being angry. And, now, I don’t turn away from apologizing to those I’ve hurt. Asking forgiveness is important, even if it makes me uncomfortable, or nervous about the reception. In fact, telling someone that I’m sorry has little to do with me, and more to do with them. I don’t let pride and fear stand in my way, as much, anymore.


So, I guess what really ‘grinds my gears’ is my own hypocrisy.

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  • When someone leaves a  -rep stating you are a scammer, when you won a spycrab match and they are   m e g a   salty. 
  • When someone say random crits are balanced and fair.
  • TF2 default FOV
  • Sniper bot's in casual.
  • Mic spam.
  • The TF2 IG Store, and how it is essentially theft for the oblivious, compared too markplace.tf
  • B E T H E S D A 
  • This fucking keyboard I had too retype this like 10 timespXxZK6w.jpg
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When you have "leave a comment before adding me" plastered all over your profile and you still get people adding you and not commenting. Yeah I can just accept and see what they say, but it's nice to know whether or not the person adding you is a bot / being able to bp/rep-check them real quick before I add them to see if trading with them is even worth the effort. No billy, you're not gonna be able to offer 3 3rd gens with 5-month old bp prices for my shit that's worth more than the outdated prices, don't bother.

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