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What really Grinds your Gears?


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People who won't just shut up when I've told them many times that I'm not up to talk.


No, I don't hate you. No, I'm not just being grumpy. I'm not always in the mood to talk with people.

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When people say "I don't follow Backshat/Crapcake/Fuckface/Backfag/Ballsack.tf" and highball the item they are selling.


Also for some reason when I am really tired and try to make cereal, I put my cereal in the fridge and the milk in the counter where I got my cereal then realize 5 minutes later I fucked up.

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the fact that geel looks so much like a hobbit

The fact that like half the old forum regulars get sr marked

The fact that Woifi no longer is a pleb

The fact that Bucket has any powers

The fact that Baloo/Bucket/Charlotte haven't accepted my awesome mod app yet

The fact that it's currently 12.24 am, I have an exam tomorrow and am not well prepared at all but it's pretty much do or die and if I fail I had better quit this study altogether

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