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Teeird's Advent Calender (plus my good bye from tf2)


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Everyday by Dec 5th I'll be giving out one item in order to a random forum member, however it isn't possible for you to win two items.



Yes, All 20 items were randomly selected to peeps since it started.

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Inb4 Long :)))

Aaaaaaaaaand Puddingkip wins!

apparently you are worthy...

Yep, I had all winners planned since the start.

Yes, All 20 items were randomly selected to peeps since it started.

Holy fucking shit didn't expect this Teeird. I don't have time this morning, but expect a ridiculously long thank you this evening.

And why argue about the rules of a give away? Besides, they were perfect :P

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Alright here's the thank you/being nice to people post. It's typed from phone so probably filled with typing errors and awful formulating and shitty paragraphs because guessing how long they are is pretty tough. Putting spoilers around it all so as to not completely fill up the page.



First one is to Teeird, the one who gave me the taunt. When I joined I didn't understand your criticising of Steamrep and outpost and your complaints about stupid people. Secretly I called you Weeird :P


But over the time I was here you completely convinced me with sane arguments, always remaining calm and civilised. You became one of the most respectable people in my eyes. You also seemed one of the most intelligent people around here.


Next is Brad, who brought us all together by creating the site and setting up the forums. Always replying unless my questions were exceptionally stupid (like #4 forum member). You always replied honestly, if you ditched a feature because it was too expensive you'd just say so instead of dancing around it which I greatly appreciate.


Chancellor Puddinghead (Michael Puddington/gold in my dick what's up) is the mod with the best name because puddings are awesome. I never sealed much with you, but from the things that did happen between us you came across as a calm and nice person.


Mr. Bucket, namesake of my first forum alt and the mod to go to if you had a weird request. Bucket is the one who would tell stuff and test things most other mods were too serious about/for, perhaps rightfully so. Always in for a joke and a bit of a fool around you're our (well at least mine) lovable weirdo who can also do serious stuff if necessary.


Chief Boogaloo, chief shoe or whatever name you currently call yourself always was ready to ban people quickly if necessary. For urgent problems you were the one I addressed and we had some very good conversations too. I believe you accepted my first suggestion, and the first mod to appear on my friends list (although either of us removed the other at a later date).


Cleverpun, the most hated and also the most useful mod, seemingly always online to deal with serious matters. In the past we only ever had 1 serious issue (gift wraps) but after that your hard work and dedication brought back my respect and liking for you very quickly. Always in for serious discussions too.


Vincent and shenanigans were mods too since I joined, and I liked you and you guys did hard work but we never developed a special relation.


Then there are the fake mods:


Jjon always seemed to be willing to go to the edge, both in his trading career (which ultimately lost him his position) and in discussions. If he had/has an unpopular opinion he always was willing to defend it in public. Half the discussions in politics religion and science are/were fueled by you bit you kept them civil at all times which is quite an achievement.


Soundtrack, who left due to not having the time to fulfil his position but nevertheless accepted some of my suggestions.


Woifi, the first of the plebs mods from my point of view. To me you always remained the drunk Austrian despite the serious and presumably sober work you pulled off in the long time you have been a mod now. Some of my best tf2 games have been with you and I saw some of the most beautiful hats when you invited me to your friends servers filled with colours from unusuals I couldn't even dream about.


Polar, who always works his ass off on unusual suggestions and invented some useful tools for suggesting or at the least made them public such as mini suggestions.


Kaushu who didn't do much on the forums to begin with and became a site mod after I quit there so I never had much contact with you as a mod and therefore you are the most plebby mod of them all to me:p



After all mods (boy this is gonna be awkward if I forget one) there's a special bit for 5 forum members.


Baloo, the foolish, lovable and awesome bear. The one who has always been my example for behaviour and suggesting on the site and forums and who, albeit unknowingly, introduced me to proper pricing. Over the years you have remained an example and have become a friend.


AwesomeMcCoolname, the most active member throughout the year(s) (though I contest the title:p) even though you never made many suggestions you always were helpful and constructive on the forums. You are the living and beating heart of the tech forum and must have accumulated half of the best steam conversations thread because of all the fools you had to deal with every day.


Santa Heavy, the one who made the great below go around and always was there for a joke a prank a necro or a shitpost. The original forum troll and the (very fitting) host of the bp.tf secret Santa 2013 which was a great initiative that you stole from me.


Pyroman, the tireless Peruvian who it appears never stopped suggesting, rep whoring and posting on the forums until one day you did for personal reasons. Luckily you have come back so that we can talk about our glorious past together as repwhores.


And chocolate/Charlotte, the first one of the new crew I locked in my heart and has had a space there ever since.



A special mention to the new people: When I got back from my break it appeared to weirdo me that you had invaded "my" forums and I treated you unjustly harsh. Apologies for that.

If you do not appear on the list it does not mean I do not like you, I love almost everyone of you guys




Tl/Dr I love you all.

P.s. I addressed you guys switching between "you" and "he" because it's written somewhat hastedly and isn't an official thingy, just deal with it.

P.p.s. this is possibly the longest post on the forums and certainly in the thread but I got the biggest gift so it seemed appropriate to me.

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If you randomly selected people from the start, were you sure to evaluate all members in the randomizer?


Or did you hand-pick?

It was randomized since the start. Secretly all decently active members were eligible to be potential winners.

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