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Backpack.tf Secret Santa 2014


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Original thread http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/5344-backpacktf-secret-santa/


The account to be used will be: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hollyjollykiddies

Add that account (Santa's own) on Steam and make a trade offer or trade him while he's online


Edit: Santa cannot recieve Trade Offer due to Private Inventory to keep everything a secret. This mean you must trade while Santa is Online


Guidelines explained:


You post below if you want to enter then add the account above

Santa will send you the person you are to give the gift to

Please have the item be sentimental to either parties - do some research into their backpack or trade history

Santa will not accept anything less than a reclaimed unless the other person is into that sort of thing

After trading the item, just wait and they will get their item, as will you on the 24th

Everyone who enters will get something

Entries are restricted to active members. Making an account just to enter is not allowed, as well as only having a few posts

 -- cont.: account must have been made before August 2014 with a minimum post count of 30, some exceptions apply

Warning: Any gift not claimed before January 30th will be brought back to the person who gave it, or donated to me if wanted

The average gift is around 2-4 keys. Be tasteful in your gift and remember to think about the person and his or her aspirations

Deadline for gift entries* will be the 21st of December


In the unholy event someone (Person A) does not give a gift, but another person [Person B] sends Person A one, the gift that was given to Person A will be given to Person C, the person that Person A was supposed to give the gift to. This will lead to everyone getting something, even if 'Person A' drops out

Alrighty, most buddies have been given out. If you don't have yours yet, just wait as it'll come in soon


A couple reminders:

Deadline is the 21st, so you have 2 weeks 

Average price for gifts is 3 keys

Do research on your buddy to see what (s)he wants - if you give me junk that has no relation, Santa will not accept it

I recorded the Randomizer and will post it here after everyone has gotten their gifts

If you forget who your buddy is, message me or Santa on Steam and we will tell you


Santa will keep track of each entrant and write their names below

Santa will also be keeping track of each item the user gives via notepad, as not to spoil


Have fun and have a merry X-mas


(Credit to Santa Heavy for making the thread and idea in the first place)

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Damn it still Python. I should of gotten a chance to host via voting, but you need to make this thread and take all the fun, glory, and responsibility....


I'll join. 

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Damn, I would join but i wont be here on christmas eve :c

Me neither, but you can always like use a phone...


or send the gift before you leave or give it to secret santa :3.

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