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No more troll price suggestions or "I think the price should rise, because..."


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It will be much more efficient when you need at least ONE link with proof to suggest a new price.

The suggestion page should need minimal one link and, if not, you cannot press "save", just like what happens if you don't put in a price. Is there a way to put in that option?

Something in the form of: Evidence link: ............... (which will automatically be implemented in the comments)


We won't get as much as (mostly useless) suggestions like this:





And all these other "free rep" suggestions.

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To be honest, this might actually help. If they include a link to google, we can close it straight up, because that person knew that he required proof and still ignored it.

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Yeah I know it wasn't the best example.^^


Regardless, I know the type of posts you are talking about and I downvote them on principle (which is a debated topic).  I do it because it makes no sense for the burden of searching for proof to be on every voter rather than the one person making the suggestion.

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